Introduction to Russian:Letters not in the latin alphabet

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Б, б [bě] like in bat

Г, г [gě] like in goat

Д, д [dě] like in doll

Ж, ж [zhě] like in azure

З, з [zě] like in roze

И, и [yē] like in year

Й, й [yē krǒtkǔ], [short i] like in bonsai

Л, л [ěl'] like in lemon, but as soft as in Spanis el

П, п [pě] like in pet

Ф, ф [ěf] like in fall

Ц, ц [cě] like in tsar

Ч, ч [chě] like in cherry

Ш, ш [shǒ] like in shell

Щ, щ [shēyǒ] like in shall, it should sound softer than Ш/sh

Ъ, ъ [hard mark(tōō arděsnǒk)] makes preceding consonant sound hard, e.g. compare d's of deal and doll (hard version)

Ы, ы [y, back i] i like in eel, that is being pronounced in behind of your mouth, close to the throat

Ь, ь [soft mark(mē ǒkěsnǒk] makes preceding consonant sound soft, e.g. compare ch's of chalk and birch

Э, э [ē ǎbǔrōtnǔ] like in fell

Ю, ю [yōō] like in you

Я, я [yǒ] like in yahoo