History of Ireland

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Timeline of Irish History from 1900-1918

1900 - John Redmond becomes leader of I.P.P (Irish Parliamentary party)

    - Labour Party (who supported Home Rule) was formed

1904 - Ulster Unionist Councils set up

1905 - Sinn Fein movement under Arthur Griffith

1906 - Liberal Party came to power (Campbell Bannerman elected PM)

1907 - The proposed Irish council bill was turned down by the I.P.P as it was no replacement for Home Rule.

1908 - Asquith became Prime Minister

1910 - General Elections held, Liberals relied on the support of the labour party and Nationalists to win.

    - Carson became leader of the Irish Unionist party 

1911 - An anti home rule campaign occured in Craigavon

    - Bonar Law (a unionist sympathiser became head of the conservative party
    - Parliament act introduced which reduced the power of the house of Lords

1912 - 9th of April, Anti Home Rule demonstration at Balmoral (Bonar Law Present)

    - 29th July, Bonar Law's Blenheim speech
    - 28th of September - Ulster Day - Solemn League and Covenant signed

...to be continued