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New Project: wikiversity assessment pages by group[edit | edit source]

Here is the template for assessment pages[edit | edit source]

Team Topics and assessment pages Anchor articles Articles about the measures Meta-analyses
Logan Smith, Emma Choplin, Jenny Rogers, Andrea Pham, Minna Banawan, Lucy McClellan




Hannah Lucero, Shelby Johnson, Ashley Lawrence, Rachel Kang, Carley Cook, Paulina Ruiz, Sanjana Rao
  • The Child PTSD Symptom Scale: A Preliminary Examination of its Psychometric Properties.
  • Psychometrics of the Child PTSD Symptom Scale for DSM-5 for Trauma-Exposed Children and Adolescents by Yeh, Rebecca; Capaldi, Sandra; Zang, Yinyin; Foa, Edna B and Asnaani, Anu, Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, ISSN 1537-4416, 01/2018, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp. 38 - 46
Ariana Soto, Hannah Kim, Teresa Rivera, Anna DePollo, Elissa Scherer, & Wesley Fullbright




Kenny Le, Shelby Anderson, Lauren Gebbia, Brie McGhee, Elizabeth C


Shelby Anderson, Rebecca Burton, Jeremiah Hartsock, Emilee Krutchen, Kate Foray
Anxiety disorders:

Tips for finding meta-analyses, related articles, or anchor publication:

  • Look on the preexisting Wikiversity or Wikipedia page
  • Look in studies that use or reference the assessment
  • Look at meta-analyses references for the anchor pub