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Development status[edit source]

I've taken away the under-construction tag, as this page is starting to be useful, but I'm still working on it. --McCormack 06:43, 28 June 2008 (UTC)

Frameworks[edit source]

[1] : On the other hand infrastructure can help crystallise what you are about; students need form and the certainty of a particular lesson structure helps cushion the suprise of when challenging material is introduced. User:Paulmartin42

  • Paul added the above comment about "frameworks" to the "common mistakes" section. There are two different things being talked about, as the links should show. "Frameworks" refers to the old Wikiversity 2006 tendency to write lists of courses rather than actually writing the courses. Paul is talking about structured lessons (perhaps as distinct from stream-of-consciousness or ad-hoc lessons), which is a quite different point.