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Reference Library[edit]

This Library is sponsored by the GreySmith Institute of Advanced Learning

WELCOME to the GreySmith Institute Reference Library, This library is created as a special collection of links to influential articles, sites, and resources that might be of use to members of GreySmith Institute. It is of course open to use by other WikiVersians as well. The idea is that if you find a resource useful, and want to share it, you put a link to it here.

WARNING: Do not use this reference library for on-site links, It should be a site only for references to external resources.

How To:[edit]

To add a link, just place it in the RAW Listing Below and add it to the Alpha, Title, and Author Listings. If you don't do this, it might be a while before anyone else updates the Alpha, Title, and Author listings to refer to it. Sorry this should be automated, but I haven't developed the wiki language template to do it automatically yet.


  • Raw Listing (Where you put the first link, search here for ideas where to look for more information from the same URL)
  • Alpha Listing (where you put the second link, search here for the article by subject)
  • Title Listing (where you put the third link, search here for the article by Title)
  • Author Listing (where you put the fourth link, search here for the Article by Author)