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GreySmith Institute[edit]

The GreySmith Institute is conceptually an independent collaboration within the WikiVersity collaboration. The idea is to create a special interest group, made up of Enthusiasts interested in theorizing about and researching and developing Artificial Consciousness.

As well as the main site Portal:GreySmith Institute which offers a framework for thinking about Artificial Consciousness, GreySmith Institute has sponsored a number of Forums.

  • AC Forum a forum for discussing Artificial Consciousness
  • CompSci Forum a forum for discussion of Computer Science Topics
  • NeuroPsyche Forum a forum for discussion of NeuroScience and Psychology
  • Courseware Forum a forum for discussion of curriculum and Courseware at GreySmith Institute

To correspond directly with the Institute Staff, Please contact User: GreySmith Institute or leave a message on the associated talk page. To pre-register for classes follow the Student Union Link on Portal: GreySmith Institute

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