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Google has recently started a new project called Google Wave (currently in a limited preview). It is a disscusion and community editing project based on the idea of wiki. Once you are editing a page, other online users within a group for that page, can see changes you are working on, and can edit this page also.

This project tries to organize efforts to test this software for education and get you some guinea pigs, who would give you some time to be a part of your tests.

Setting up a Wave account[edit | edit source]

For this you will need a Google account first. As of 18th May 2010 no special invitations are needed to access the service.

Pigs[edit | edit source]

info[edit | edit source]

  • how about adding to your user page such a box?
    • just add: {{Google Wave for education}}
This user utilizes Google Wave for education.

Projects[edit | edit source]