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May be love and peace on earth.

Anyone who is enlightened, can see and feel God. He lives in God. He sees God as a kind of light that penetrates the entire world. He feels God as an energy around him and within him. He feels God as inner happiness, inner peace and inner strength. He realizes that he is in a higher truth, which can also be described as universal love.

Wikipedia (de): Enlightenment refers to a religious and spiritual experience in which the everyday consciousness is exceeded and a special insight into a lasting, like some sort of holistic reality is obtained.

Wikipedia: Mysticism is the knowledge of, and especially the personal experience of, states of consciousness, or levels of being, or aspects of reality, beyond normal human perception, including experience of and even communion with a supreme being. (...) The present meaning of the term mysticism arose via Platonism and Neoplatonism (...) and is the pursuit of communion with, identity with, or conscious awareness of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight. Mysticism usually centers on practices intended to nurture those experiences. Mysticism may be dualistic, maintaining a distinction between the self and the divine, or may be nondualistic. Many if not all of the world's great religions have arisen around the teachings of mystics (including Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tze, and Krishna); and most religious traditions describe fundamental mystical experience.

Religion will lead to enlightenment[edit]

Spiritual enlightenment means to obtain a deep insight into the purpose of all things, to understand the mind of God, or to achieve a fundamentally changed level of existence whereby one's self is experienced as a nonchanging field of pure consciousness. Mysticism is the awareness of God through direct experience.

Realize that every true religion is based on the experience of enlightenment of its founder: the Judaism of Moses, Christianity of Jesus, Buddhism of Buddha, Hinduism of many enlightened. The center of a religion is enlightenment. Moses was enlightened, as he saw a shining (burning) bush after many years of a secluded life in the desert. He saw the light of God in the bush. He got this through living in rest for a long time and through Kundalini Yoga, learned from the egyptian priests. In the Bible it is described by the words, "So Moses threw down the staff, and it turned into a snake!" The snake is the Kundalini snake and the staff his spinal column. He made spine practices of visualization and thus the Kundalini snake (energy) awoke. Jesus became enlightened, after John the Baptist gave him the Enlightenment energy (kundalini energy). After this Jesus meditated 40 days in the desert. Then the devil (his ego) left him and the angels ministered to him (he was able to help with the enlightenment energy his fellow human beings). Buddha got enlightenment after six years as a yogi under the Bodhi tree. Mara (the devil) disappeared and Buddha rested in happiness.

There are different conceptions of God within the same religion[edit]

Moses has in contrast to Jesus, an abstract concept of God. In his central definition Moses describes God as: "I am." These words refer to God as a happy state of being which one experiences in the enlightenment. In the words "I am" the royal road to enlightenment is mentioned. Man must develop a cosmic consciousness. He loses the sense of his self (ego). He experiences himself as pure consciousness, as one with everything and can say only, "I am." He can not say: "I am the ... (name)." He identifies himself with everything. In yoga it is called Sat-Chit-Ananda, the compound from being, unity and bliss.

God can be described personal and impersonal[edit]

God is a mystery that can be described personal and impersonal. In Judaism, Christianity and Islam God is seen as an acting person. God is a supreme being, which can be addressed as a person and asked for help. Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism (Chinese philosophy) prefere the abstract concept of God. God is higher energy and a state of being. Although both definitions of God can be found in every major religion, one can still say Christianity is more commonly associated with the personal concept whereas Hinduism is more connected to the abstract point of view. For this reason, many conflicts and misunderstandings have been encountered by the followers of the aforementioned religions. Each side claims to possess the real understanding of God.

Amma built a bridge between the religions[edit]


A significant gap among the religions has been bridged by Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma). Amma is to date the main representative of Hinduism in the West. According to Amma, there is a great enlightened force composed of fully enlightened souls. This force possesses a cosmic consciousness which is at one with the cosmos (with God) and with one another. One could view this as a mass of souls who see themselves as one, or a mass of souls who view one another as friends.

According to Amma, a prayer is always heard and reacted to or upon by one of these higher beings. It doesn’t matter what name humans use in the process, whether it be Allah, God, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, or Odin, it is all the same. The only point of importance is that the person praying would like help from a higher force in the cosmos.

God is often described as a cloud in Christianity. This image goes well with the idea of the aforementioned great enlightened force of souls. We could consider these souls as an energy cloud of highly developed consciousness. They are capable of affecting every dimension of the cosmos with beams of light. This often transpires via symbols such as books, images, and statues which appear in certain locations. More spiritually developed humans are able to sense these beams of energy which emanate symbolically through the statues and images. People can focus and turn this energy into inner power, peace, or positive thoughts.

The positive force helps everyone who calls out to it. The mass of enlightened souls do not always help us exactly as we imagine or would like. The main goal of this enlighened force of souls is to wake up other souls to the higher power and to build a blissful cosmos. When an individual seeks cosmic bliss and enlightenment and peace for all, then such prayers are answered without reservation. It is good to live in God. It is better to be enlightened than not to be. To long for enlightenment is the deeper meaning of life. We should each go about our ultimate spiritual goal in the best way for each of us.

Ulla meets God[edit]


Nils: Good day, dear Ulla! Can you tell me something about your life?

Ulla: When I was sent to Sunday school, I liked to listen to the stories of Jesus. Then followed a long period of spiritual sleep, how I would describe it today. I had several friends, but always felt it was not the right man. Until I got a man, with whom I had over 30 years of a desperate relationship. On the one hand, I always wanted to get away from him because he was doing me no good. On the other hand, I was not able to do it. But this negative relationship was at least the advantage that I got interested in religion. As my husband always went to bed early, I was still on long and I busied myself with the various religions. I prayed to God since my childhood.

God or Goddess? I wanted to know. I went on a fantastic meditation. I wanted to meet the goddess in a clearing! I imagined how I went to a little house through a garden with flowers. I walked a beautiful forest trail along until I came to the clearing. There I waited for the goddess! This meditation, I did with a wunderfull meditation music.

The meditation became independent. The road rose gradually, without being burdensome, and the vegetation was lost. As I looked around me there was suddenly left and right of way only emptiness. When I went higher, I saw before me a bright light. As I approached this wonderful, warm light, I saw a Greek statue of a deity. I went to this wonderful bright, love-emitting light, and asked simply, "So there is not a goddess?" The light being turned to me, changed his form and I looked at my own face. I suddenly knew that God bears within himself the female, male, and everything else. I realized that each of us is a tiny part of God. God wants nothing more than to re-unite with us. But we must be like God, full of love and selflessness. And this is often a long way.

I was overcome with such a wonderful warmth, such a deep love and peace, that I would always prefer to stay with God. But unfortunately, I was then quickly brought back to my body. I found no rest and always wanted to come back to God. I meditate every night and was very unhappy that it did not work. Then suddenly I had found the path again, but I saw a lot of branching paths. I realized that one should always be carefully on his way to not fall back again. And then I heard a voice in my heart, who said: "Why do you spend unnecessary time to see me again? Live your life and be happy and make others happy, then you have done a lot?" Since that day my life changed completely. I have no more fears, can see into the hearts of the people, do not have a husband anymore, no more house, no money and I am completely happy.

The religion of the future[edit]


Ulla: What is about the reformation of the church?

Nils: However, it must honestly say that the Evangelical Church has implemented all the reforms called for by the Catholic Church and in spite of that is suffering from great loss of members. The main problem is the loss of faith in today's world.

Ulla: Yes, people no longer believe.

Nils: The Pope also pointed this out. Unfortunately he has no remedy for this.

Ulla: For both of us it's easy!

Nils: We combine science with real experience of God, and humor. This should be the belief of the future.

Ulla: Yes.

Nils: I think that more and more people will find this way. Simply because it is the way of today's scientific thinking time.

Ulla: This is also my hope.

Nils: What is the center of the faith? After Jesus love for God and love of the neighbor (all beings). I interpret this statement by Jesus, that love for God is the love to the spiritual goal (to the spiritual practice, to oneself). The love of the neighbor includes the path of universal love, the love of the poor (suffering) and building up a happy world.

Compassion and suffering with others[edit]

Ulla: I just talked with a girlfriend about the difficult subject of pity and compassion.

Nils: Compassion is an important spiritual quality.

Ulla: Her sister always makes the same mistake again, to take the same kind of man that is not doing her well.

Nils: Learning from mistakes is good. This creates wisdom.

Ulla: My girlfriend empathizes too much with her sister.

Nils: Man / woman must be able to delimit oneself from the suffering of others. Otherwise one gets broken.

Ulla: Yes, I told her so.

Nils: Buddha taught to live in the balance of serenity and compassion.

Ulla: Compassion is good. Pity is not good.

Nils: I do not like to separate between compassion and pity. I also sometimes suffer with the suffering people. But I can always rebuild myself and bring me into the inner balance. Ulla: Some things can not solve. This must be recognized.

Nils: It is not good for anyone if you get sick out of compassion.

Ulla: Right!

Nils: Formerly I could not delimit well enough from the suffering of others. A wife in my positive thinking group had cancer. I was very taken.

Ulla: I understand that. So is my girlfriend now.

Nils: It's an art to maintain the right balance. I manage it through meditation and positive thinking. It is important always listen to your inner voice. I call it the voice of wisdom. Wisdom to me is the connection between mind and inner feelings. It is important to me always to be in good contact with myself.

Talk about the efficacy of prayer[edit]

Rafa (atheist): You write: "The enlightened masters have said that prayer is important." I demand arguments! I believe that prayer doesn´t logically make sense. Do you now have understandable arguments against it?

Nils: When the enlightened masters say something, that is an argument for me. Due to their larger horizon they see more than we do. But that does not replace your own reflection. My way is to anchor myself primarily in my own wisdom. I note: There is enlightenment. If there is enlightenment, there are also enlightened masters. We can imagine them as huge clouds of subtle consciousness energy. God is often pictured sitting on a cloud. This subtle energy is associated with feelings of peace, love, strength, happiness and clarity. An enlightened one can send his energy to other people. If a man needs strength, peace, love, happiness or wisdom (positive thoughts), an enlightened person can give it to him through the higher cosmic dimension. I have experienced this many times.

The basic problem now is that the greater the enlightenment, the stronger is the energy, but unfortunately the enlightened becomes more and more inactive. His inner peace and happiness are at a certain level is so much that he has little interest to act externally. He lives desireless in the great desirelessness (in existence). He is perfectly happy with his life in God. Epicurus sees the gods (enlightened) as completely at rest in themselves, who do not care about the world. And therefore prayer is important. Without prayer, the great trancendent masters remain rather inactive. If we call the enlightened ones with a prayer, then they can act. Their love enables them to act externally in spite of their inner peace . It is good to pray several times a day. The greater the emotional connection with an enlightened, the better he can help us.

The enlightened masters are through a higher dimension of consciousness one with our inner self. They send us their impulses through the voice of our own truth and wisdom. Therefore, it is emphasized in Christianity to hear always to the voice of conscience (the feeling of correctness). I always act out of my inner truth. So in the long run each soul finds his way into the light.

A prayer has two areas of impact. First, there is a appeal for help, and secondly it works as a mantra. A mantra is a spiritual technique that cleans ourselves internally and fills us with happiness energy. A mantra can be thought as often as you like. It brings us forward on the spiritual path. It builds up inside us positive energy. A good Christian mantra is the Lord's Prayer. It is very strong, if we combine it with a visualization (see Pater Noster at the beginning of the oracle).

Rafa: It is said of God, he would answer prayers, but when you pray, it's pure chance whether something happens.

Nils: Those who pray for selfish goals, only exceptionally gets a wish-fulfillment. But who prays for his enlightenment and for help on his way of all-embracing love, always gets help. But not always the way he wanted. Not in a way that he feels great, rather in a way that his ego dissolves. God lives in a dimension above our material cosmos. He is able to act that it seems to be happend by chance but it wasn´t.

Meditation of Love and Peace[edit]

Let the love grow in the world.

The most important thing in spirituality is the inner voice. The inner voice is the voice of your own truth and wisdom. It is your feeling of rightness. You combine your intellect and your feeling. Follow the five features truth, peace, love, selfdiscipline and happiness. Than you will find your way into the light. Be happy and be good. That is the essence of religion.

1. Stop thinking = We stop one minute all thoughts and come to rest. We relax.

2. Light = We send light to the world. We visualize the earth, move a hand and think: "I send light to ... May all people be happy. May the world be happy." We send in particular light to the suffering people. We use our television as a window to the world and wrap all suffering people with light.

3. Peace = We put the hands together in our lap. We visualize ourselves as a Goddess, Buddha or Christian. We move our toes a little and think the mantra: "I am a Goddess (Buddha, Christian). I go the way of peace. I live in peace."

4. Cosmos = We visualize the cosmos around us, a universe full of stars. We make large circles with our arms and think: "I take things the way they are. I let go of my false desires. I live in the unity of the cosmos. I flow positive with my live." What do you want to accept or release today? "I accept .... I let go ..."

5. Master = We rub the palms in front of the heart chakra. We connect us with the enlightened masters and think: "Om all enlightened masters. Om inner wisdom. I ask for guidance and help on my way."

6. Question = You can now ask a question. Think about your life. What are your goals? What is your way of a wise life? Listen to the answer inside. What does your inner wisdom say? What answers your inner wisdom? You feel the answer. "My way of wisdom is... Unwisdom is..." Think the answer several times as a mantra.

7. Meditation = We put the hands in our lap. The back is straight and our stomach is relaxed. We bring our mind completely to rest. We think the mantra "Om" in our head, chest, abdomen, legs, feet. We think in the earth and in the entire cosmos: "Om Shanti, Om Peace ... " We stop a minute every thought. When thoughts come, we always push them away. Then we relax completely. We slacken our body. We sit relaxed there. Peace and harmonie are within us.

8. Be optimistic = "My positive sentence is... (I go consistently my way of truth, wisdom and love.)" Optimism. Forward. Success.

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