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The light in the center of the universe.

God is a higher field of consciousness in the cosmos. God is the enlightenment energy. God is love, peace, happiness and a higher truth. Man needs a cosmic consciousness. Man has to think nondualistic. Man has to feel himself one with all. Physics can help to understand God. One can realize a life in God only through the enlightenment. The path to enlightenment goes via the spiritual exercises.

God and Quantum Physics[edit]

According to some quantum physicists (Hans-Peter Dürr, Amit Goswami, Michael König), there is behind the material world a hyperspace that can be regarded as an afterlife or a heaven. Basis of this assumption is the proved (verified) phenomenon of quantum entanglement. If two entangled (by contact "mentally" connected) photons (light particles) can communicate over a large spatial distance much faster than light (immediately), there must be a higher dimension (a hyper-space) through which this is possible. Because the special theory of relativity from Einstein shows that signals spread out in the traditional dimensions of space can do this not faster than light speed.

Evidences for the nature of the hyperspace are not yet available. There are the string theory and the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics. If they are verified a multi-dimensional universe (multiverse) can derived from them.

The French physicist Jean Emile Charon (1920-1998) developed the complex theory of relativity, meaning that there is a photon gas in the interior of an electron, which can form structures and is a kind of inner memory of the electron. The consciousness of man can for Charon be stored in electronic memory (see Biophotonics). Since electrons have an eternal life, the German physicist Michael König made in the 1980s the hypothesis that essence electrons form in the body of a man an eternal soul. They continue to exist after the death of the man and incarnate again later on into a new body on the earth. For the existence of a soul independent of the body speak, according to some scientists, the findings of the near death research, the reincarnation research and the after death experiences of the 16th Karmapa. The death of the 16. Karmapas, Dr. Mitchell Levy (germ.).

The physicist Burkhard Heim (1925-2001) made a quantification of space and time with the extended quantum field theory. He assumed that the space is filled with tiny quantum and that there are also time quantum. Spiritually formulated, one would say that the universe exists out of light (an ethereal substance). A mystic can feel this. The hyperspace is not empty, but filled with "light". So Burkhard Heim was able to calculate the hyperspace beyond matter. Overall he found a twelve dimensions universe. Charon and Heim are previously little-noticed in the current physics. But things can change. Outsiders may be the mainstream.

The German quantum physicist and mystic, Michael König (b. 1957) published in 2010 the book, "Das Urwort (The physics of God)." In it he made the Firstword-theory. Our universe is an idea of God. All begann with the wish of God that a cosmos with thinking beings should be there. He spoke a mantra (ELI) and the multiverse was started. Consciousness is the center of the universe from which everything is developing. Michael König has worked up the theories of Charon and Heim and extended. This enabled him to confirm through quantum physics, what was found by the enlightened ones and mystics of all time by the inner exploration of their consciousness. With his Urword-theory he connects the traditional knowledge of the mystical philosophy with quantum physics.

In accordance with the traditional Indian philosophy our entire universe exists out of three primary areas, the material cosmos, the afterworld and the heaven (God, Light World). Through spiritual practice, a person can develop a light body and ascend to higher realms of consciousness. On earth, there will be a golden age in the future, based on the association of spirituality and science. "And God's light will flood through all people, (...) all love each other, they will laugh and be happy." (Michael König, Das Urwort, p. 265.)

God is a higher dimension of consciousness consisting of energy, love and information (ELI) in the center of our multiverse. From this center, the Eta-particle (basic light-quantum) flow and form the heaven, the afterworld and the material universe. After the teachings of hinduism at the end of time everything flow back into God, and after some time of rest the dance of Shiva starts again. But it will take an eternity, until everything dissolves in God. Until then, we can live as happy souls in the multiverse. Or as unhappy souls, if we prefer this.

The mathematician Klaus Lange has reviewed the theory of Michael König, that God is a high density of energy (light, love, consciousness) in the center of our multiverse. He found two things who can be tested experimentally.(Der Mathematiker Klaus Lange zur Urwort-Theorie.) Now we just have to wait until the test takes place. Science will make a quantum leap. Love is the essence of the universe. We do not fight against each other anymore, but together we build up a happy world. We create the paradise on earth and after we die we all get up into heaven. Until then, it can still be a long way, as the previously unsuccessful attempts to prove the string theory show. But we can be optimistic because the near death research, the reincarnation research and the visions of the enlightened point towards provability.

American Physics Professor Amit Goswami[edit]

A key supporter of this theory is the American Physics professor Amit Goswami from the University of Oregon. He wrote the book “The Conscious Universe” in 1992.

In his book, Goswami describes the most important discoveries of today’s quantum physics. He also develops his philosophy regarding monotheistic idealism. The monotheistic idealism explains that everything in the cosmos belongs together, to one consciousness, to God.

This world view is also found in the philosophy of yoga. In this philosophy, consciousness is the primary substance of the cosmos. Consciousness can be seen as God, as a higher dimension which resides over our material cosmos. Enlightenment should be the centerpoint of mankind’s thought patterns.

The new world view of physics says that we all belong together, that we are all connected. We live in one cosmos, and are of one energy. We are all connected through the higher dimension in a spiritual sense. When we are aware of this, we can let go of egotism and pay more attention to the good of all.

Goswami: From the beginning of the field of Quantum physics in the year 1900, physicists have indicated that we can change our perspective of things. From 1982 came results from a Lab experiment in France where Alain Aspect and his colleagues conducted an experiment that could show the connection between quantums to a higher dimension.

In this experiment, an atom produced two photons which went in opposite directions. Afterwards, these photons still influenced one another without exchanging any type of signals. What is significant here is that these two particles influenced one another after this separation without exchanging signals. When the rotation of one of the two photons was altered, the rotation of the other changed accordingly and in a measurable way.

Einstein proved long ago that two objects in space and time can never influence one another immediately as everything can only function within the maximum speed that is the speed of light. It was thought that every signal is bound to space and only needs a certain amount of time to move itself through space. Photons freed from atoms in the course of an experiment can influence one another in a particular territorial distance within the blink of an eye, quicker than the speed of light. In conclusion, this control element could not have moved itself through space and therefore it must be implied that the influence it had occurred in another dimension of time and space.

Hamilton: What was your special discovery?

Goswami: I was fortunate enough to recognize, via quantum physics, that all the paradoxes of this field could be solved once we take into account consciousness as the basis for all existence. I recognized that consciousness is the primary form of reality. A higher reality exists over our material cosmos which consists of consciousness energy.

The universe is a conscious universe which is generated via consciousness. Consciousness is the only reality that exisists outside of the physical space and time. Consciousness isn’t an ephiphany of material, rather a result of the brain. Consciousness doesn’t come from material, rather, it can influence material in and of itself. The world of manifestation comes from a transcendent world of ideas.

The brain researcher John Eccles identified that the nerve signals in the brain are based on quantum waves. Here is the big point of connection between the spiritual and the material world. The spirit is energy which is separate from the body which can affect the brain as the tiniest particle of our cosmos via quantum particles.

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