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Heaven with angels after death

Over the centuries, the Afterlife has been a topic of much theological discussion. Essentially there are five references outside such theology to a life after death: the quantum physics (Professor Dürr), the near death research (Pam Reynolds), the after death research (Karmapa), the reincarnation cases (Shanti Devi) and the statements of the enlightened (the clairvoyant).

Is There a Life After Death?[edit]

Quantum physics has proven by physical tests that a higher dimension in the universe exists (Alain Aspect). The former head of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, Professor Hans-Peter Dürr believes that the brain by thinking forms a field of consciousness (quantum field) that can exist after the death of the body in the higher dimension further.

  • You are 78 years old. Do you believe in for afterlife? Is there existence after death? Professor Dürr: "That is an interesting question. What we consider the here and now, this world, is actually just the material level. The beyond is an infinite reality that is much bigger, which this world is rooted in. In this way, our lifes in this plane of existence are encompassed, surrounded, by the afterworld already. If I imagine that I have written my existence in this world on a sort of hard drive on the tangible (the brain) and that I have also transferred this data onto the spiritual quantum field (the spirit, the indepenendent consciousness), then I could say that I do not lose this information, this conscioiusness. The body dies but the spiritual quantum field continues. In this way, I am immortal." (P.M. Magazin 05/2007)

The Enlightened[edit]

Who is enlightened can, thanks to his expanded consciousness, look in the beyond and know the life after death.

Near death experience[edit]

Ascent of the Blessed by Hieronymus Bosch is associated by NDE researchers with aspects of the NDE

Wikipedia: Near death research. The near death research confirms that the mind can think independently from the body. 1991 the 35 year-old Pam Reynolds underwent a brain operation. Her blood was routed from her brain and she was placed in a state of artificial coma. Her head was attached with wires to measure brain waves. It was ascertained that no brain waves could travel during this half an hour. The thought processes were blocked, and examined as no hormone release could occur. Hallucinations were not possible in this state. And it just so happened that Pam Reynolds had her out of body experience at this time.

She floated with her soul out of her body. She observed from above all of the details of her operation. She then floated through a tunnel to a world of light. There, she met her dead grandmother and other people. The beings there lived in a paradise dimension and possessed positive energy. With their energy, they strengthened Ms. Reynolds so that she could go through her operation successfully. In a BBC interview, Pam Reynolds explained that she had experienced the breath of God. (Video Pam Reynolds)

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross[edit]

The doctor Elisabeth Kübler-Ross published her book „Interviews with the Dying“ in 1969. This book consists of an extensive discussion concerning death in Western societies. Kübler-Ross stumbled upon the amazing fact that many people were able to encounter the other side during their brief deaths (before they returned to their bodies and to life).

During their lives on Earth, blind people can sometimes suddenly see from the other side. They can observe what happens on earth from the beyond. How could a blind person suddenly get knocked unconscious during the course of a car accident and then be able to see other people in the area of the accident and then describe the circumstances after being revived?

Especially well-known is the so-called dentures incident. An older man was taken to a hospital in the Netherlands to be operated. His dentures were taken out so that his throat could be more easily accessed. During the hustle and bustle of the operation, a nurse misplaced the dentures and couldn’t find them. Luckily, the man left his body during the operation and watched the nurse from above. Afer he returned to consciousness, the man was able to tell the nurse exactly where she had put his dentures.

In 1975 Raymond Moody wrote the book „Life After Death“. In this book, he documented the near-death experiences of 150 people. Many reported that after death they travelled through a dark tunnel and then arrived at a dimension of light. In the light world, they met holy light beings and even their already death relatives. They learned things they didn’t know before. After their near-death experiences, many people changed their lives completely and then oriented themselves around spirituality.

Many researchers have looked into the insight of Kübler-Ross and Moody. With a flood of arguments against these findings, the researchers tried to prove the near-death researchers wrong. The typical argument of such naysayers was usually that the near-death visions were biochemical (material) or psychic reactions of the mind caused by nearing death. Before death, it is alleged, humans have hallucinations. The brain reacts to death with a flood of hormones.

One of these main critics was Dr. Michael Sabom. After he read Moody’s book, he stated that he had looked into these matters thoroughly himself. He interviewed over a hundred patients, who after experiencing cardiac arrest, were revived. Sabom was amazed to find that these people had seen things outside of their bodies which they didn’t know before, that they witnessed things while unconscious.

The biggest scientific breakthrough for Sabom occurred in 1991. The 35 year-old Pam Reynolds underwent a brain operation. Her blood was routed from her brain and she was placed in a state of artifical coma. Her head was attached with wires to measure brain waves. It was ascertained that no brain waves could travel during this half an hour. The thought processes were blocked, and as such no hormone release could occur. Hallucinations were not possible in this state.

And it just so happened that Pam Reynolds had her out of body experience at this time. She floated with her soul out of her body. She observed from above all of the details of her operation. She then floated through a tunnel to a world of light. There, she met her dead grandmother and other people. The beings there lived in a paradise dimension and possessed positive energy. With their energy, they strengthened Ms. Reynolds so that she could go through her operation successfully. In a BBC interview, Pam Reynolds explained that she had experienced the breath of God.

The special aspect of the case of Pam Reynolds lies with the fact that modern measurement equipment showed that the consciousness of a person exists even when the stuff of the brain is shut off. This leads one to conclude that there must be an independent consciousness separate from the body. The body and soul are two independent manifestations of energy.

The case of Pam Reynolds was tested with many other patients. They confirmed Sabom’s results. It was confirmed that the near-death experiences were not only of a biochemical nature or simply brain processes. They are independent of age, gender, religion, and of country of origin of the involved people.

Opponents of the soul theory have only one remaining argument: clairvoyance. Pam Reynolds supposedly had clairvoyance at her disposal. She experienced her operation in the past, and therefore was able to describe the operation.

This argument can also be proven false when considered that most near-death patients are not capable of being proven as clairvoyant. Clairvoyance is a spiritual ability that only a few developed individuals possess. When hundreds of near-death patients are considered, only one is typically a clairvoyant.

Furthermore, clairvoyants also profess the existence of an afterlife. If Pam Reynolds is declared a clairvoyant, then it is logical to not only accept her knowledge of the operation, but also her report about the world of light. Clairvoyants can see the afterlife and therefore prove the existence of the other side.

When weighing the arguments, we must conclude that there is life after death. Scientific breakthrough occurred with the case of Pam Reynolds in 1991. Further tests (Pim from Lommel in Holland in 2001, Sam Parnia from the University of South Hampton in 2001) confirmed Sabom’s results.

In 2007, the German newspaper „Der Spiegel“ published an article which concluded that the eternal nature of the spirit is more probable than the simple extinguishing of the spirit with death. “Der Spiegel” was previously known for having an atheist position on these matters, and so showed a complete 180 degree changing on its views.

German Television on Near-death Research[edit]

Gustave Doré's depiction of the highest heaven as described by Dante Alighieri in the Paradiso. NDE researcher and religious scholar Carol Zaleski has cited parallels between the Paradiso and NDEs.

In 2003, a program appeared on German television dealing with the topic of near-death research. Regine Kexel portrayed the arguments of the supporters and opponents of the soul theory according to the book Dimension Psi from Walter von Lucardou and came to the conclusion that there are many reports about near death research that cannot simply be ignored.

Regine Kexel presented the aforementioned arguments, and all the arguments of the opponents to the soul theory were refuted. The independence of the consciousness is currently the accepted view of science, in the words of Regine Kexel (translated from German): “Critics of near-death research are hard pressed to find a plausible reason for this phenomenon.”

According to her opinion, we are positioned at the very beginning of a large puzzle. Here is where the author must differ. Those who are concerned with spirituality already have an answer to the presented questions. The enlightened masters of the past and of today all have discovered the mysteries. One only needs to look further to find an answer to these questions.

For example, it is not entirely clear to the program moderator Kexel as to why not all those who brush with death go through have a near death experience as described. With adults, 30% go through this, and children to a percentage of 70%. The explanation for this is that most adults are so tied with their consciousness to their physical bodies that they remain in their bodies in these near death situations. Children have yet to really connect their spirits with their material bodies in such a strong way, and for this reason they leave their bodies more easily.

Careful consideration also raises the question as to why, when the reason for these near death experiences is only due to hormones and a lack of oxygen, and hallucinations, then do children and adults have such an unbelievable difference in the rate with which these near death experiences occur?

Another interesting aspect of the TV program is that experiences of hell were reported. Most near death experiences were reported as being positive. Only 10% of those researched reported an unpleasant world on the other side. They landed in a world of hate in which the beings there tortured one another, or they landed in a world of cold emptiness.

According to statements made by enlightened masters, the consciousness of a person before death is the same as afterward. On earth, some 10% of all people live in constant misery, and are considered to be unhappy people. They suffer from depression or sadness, or they are full of fear and aggression. When they take these negative psychic characteristics into the aferworld, they then encounter an afterlife which mirrors this negativity.

The positive souls in the afterworld could help them somewhat. The main way to salvation is to develop a positive consciousness in life. A spiritual life with meditation and thought exercises is a saving grace. Those who exercise spirituality can land in a world of light after death.

Many of the enlightened do profess the existence of a world of suffering in the after life. That does not change the fact that the overall nature of the other side is positive. The christian portrayal of the afterworld as being mainly a hell of sorts, where only a few souls land in light is not true. Even the beings who land in the world of suffering do not stay there forever. They are to be reborn on earth until they develop in and understand the way of light.

Often, experiencing suffering is the quickest way to the light. Suffering can trigger wisdom, and wisdom leads to a spiritual life. Most of those who have an easy and good existence on this earth do not bother with spiritual development. Those who suffer from fear and deppression would like to develop their inner happiness , and find themselves in bliss. Such individuals receive the motivation to search out a breakthrough into the light and to exercise spirituality.

The arguments of the atheists[edit]

The main argument of Gerald M. Woerlee (2005) is that Pam should have been awake during the operation. This argument is very questionable. With a heavy brain surgery one can not awake and can not follow the conversations in the room and watch the proceedings. Especially when the blood is pumped out largely from the brain, the ears stoppered and the eyes are connected, and a cessation of brain waves is measured. There are many cases of near-death experience and all to explaine by a wake at the operation is very questionable. Waking up in the anesthesia is 1.3 from 1000 people. Near-death experiences have about 30% of the people. So the near-death experiences usually can not be explained by an awakening during the operation.

Woerlee: I can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience as an anesthesiologist, and it has always fascinated me, how the body is able to create seemingly paranormal experiences. So I know that this experience was caused by the interaction of the reactions of Pam Reynolds’ bodies and their consciousness of her situation and her anesthesia.

Nils: “Knowledge” is an unacceptable claim. You would have said better: “I believe …”

Woerlee: Sometimes the concentration of the anesthetics for a narcotic effect is not enough. These people stay awake: they hear what’s going on in their environment, they feel the work of surgeons and other persons and see what happens when their eyes are open.

Nils: A wake up under anesthesia comes at 1.3 from 1000 people. Near-death experiences have about 30% of the people. So the near-death experiences usually can not be explained by an awakening during the operation. “If their eyes are open.” Pam Reynolds eyes were closed.

Woerlee: As Pam Reynolds during the operation several times was conscious, I suspect, however, that neither isoflurane nor enflurane were used as additional anesthetics. Without the application of these gases it is likely that the patient wakes up during surgery, and that’s what happened to Pam Reynolds.

Nils: You simply assert without proof that Pam Reynolds is woken up several times during the operation. This is very unlikely.

Woerlee: The screech of the saw woke Pam Reynolds.

Nils: The saw does not have the volume of a chainsaw, but the buzz of an electric toothbrush. In a deep anesthesia one does not awake from this.

Woerlee: She could hear people talking to each other.

Nils: The ears were stoppered. It is very unlikely that she could follow the operation talks.

Woerlee: A malfunction of the brain, triggered by the interaction of anesthetics with the abnormal function of muscle fibers evoked the body experience.

Nils: That is a claim without sufficient evidence.

Woerlee: The high-frequency sound of the pneumatic saw, together with the subsequent feeling that her skull was sawed open, called in her memories the image of a device that looked like a dentist drill.

Nils: You use the term “safe” when you think highly speculative. You try to convince the reader your view of things. Pam Reynolds said, however, that she had expected a kind of saw. And she described previously completely unknown details: “I had assumed that they would open the skull with a saw. I had heard the term saw, but what I then saw reminded me more of a drill. There were also several small drills in a box that looked like the tool box of my father when I was a child.”

On closer inspection, the arguments of Woerlee dissolve. There are thousands of further researches. Who wants to know exactly, should familiarize themselves thoroughly in the research. I did that to me. And other people did so too and came to the same results as I.

The experts largely agree that there is no natural explanation. At the moment, the most speaks for the duality of the brain and soul. Even in science is hotly debated. There are different camps. There are the materialists and the holistic thinker. And that’s good. The result is progress.

---> Quote from the homepage of the Human base project in December 2009: The attending physician, Dr. Spetzler does not believe that Pam could know the facts from a previous observation: “There were the devices for her just not visible. The drills and the other things were covered or wrapped. They will not be discovered or unpacked, before the patient is not fully asleep. This is necessary to keep the area sterile.” “In this phase of the operation, no one can see or hear something. It is inconceivable that in this phase senses like hearing do work. Apart from that, we put earphones for the click test in her ears. There was no way for her to hear the talks.”

---> Review by skeptic Gerald Woerlee of Chris Carter

The death of the 16. Karmapa[edit]

16th Karmapa

Enlightened Tibetan masters traditionally stay in their bodies for three days after death. This is recognized by the fact that their bodies do not begin to decompose and that the heart chakra is warm. This fact can be explained with the continuation of life after death. The 16th Karmapa died in 1981 in a hospital in Chicago. He stayed three days after his death with his soul in his body and he showed the special abilities of an high enlightened. The body did not rot in that time and the heart region was warm. Dr. Levy cared for him until his death:

  • "Early the next day he died actually. We saw the change on the monitors. The heart pulse changed in a way, that clearly shows that the heart fails. (...) With all the drugs we could not get him high again. We continued to work, gave medications, and then his heart stand still. I realized that it was over. You could see his heart die on the monitor. This was the point when I gave up. His Holiness had been lying there dead about 45 minutes. We started to pull out the feeding tube, when I suddenly saw that his blood pressure was 140 to 80. My first reaction was that someone leans against the pressure monitor. It was impossible that he became alive again. Then a nurse screamed: "He has a good pulse! ! He has a good pulse." One of the older Rinpoche patted me on the back, as if he wanted to say:" It is impossible, but it happens." The heart rate of His Holiness was 80, his blood pressure 140 to 80th in that moment. No one said a word now. It was a moment of "That does not exist. It can not be." It was clearly the greatest miracle that I had ever seen. I mean, it was not only an extraordinary moment. It happened an hour after his heart beating had stopped. I ran out of the room to tell Trungpa Rinpoche, that His Holiness is alive again. I had the impression that His Holiness returned to try if this body can still carry his spirit. So he came back to see if his body was still usable. Only the power of his returning consciousness could do that."
  • „48 hours after his death, his chest was still warm. In this moment, my hands were both warm, and his chest was warmer than my hand. In order to test this, I moved my hands to the side of his chest, away from his heart, and there it was cold. I then felt the middle again, and above his heart it was warm. I pinched his skin and found that it was still elastic and completely normal. After 36 hours, the dead typically have skin comparable to dough. And his skin was still like that of the living after 48 hours. It was as if he weren’t dead. Shortly after we left the room, the surgeon came and said, „ he is warm, he is warm.“ And then it came to be that the medical staff asked again and again if he were still warm. It was naturally consistent to the traditional Tibetan experience. Developed individuals like his Holiness stay in their bodies after breath and heartbeat have stopped, within a state of deep meditation. After three days the Samadhi ended. It was recognized that his Holiness was no longer warm and that the process of death set in. After this, the atmosphere changed, it too became normal.”(Quotes buddhismus-heute.de)

Discussion Over the Death of the Karmapa[edit]

Nils: The Tibetan masters have considered how they can prove the existence of the soul beyond death. They prove this in that after physical death, the soul remains in the body for three days. Enlightened masters possess this ability. This is recognizable in that the heart chakra remains warm and the body doesn’t decompose, and the presence of the master can be perceived by sensitive people.

What is special in the case of the Karamapa is that he selected a normal, Western hospital in America, with average, everyday doctors as witnesses. Interesting is that the Karmapa had already “died” to the point where the doctors had given up and had turned off the measuring devices when the Karmapa returned to his body and lived on, according to the reports of the doctors responsible for treating him. These things cannot be explained in material terms. I don’t know of any account of this matter in which atheists could make some comment. They remain silent when presented with the facts.

Thale: All of these examples do not serve as proof for life after death.

Nils: Amit Goswami established that an information field (the Other Side, a quantum field, a higher dimension, consciousness field) must exist behind the material cosmos. That can be proven according to quantum physics. To get more into detail, I recommend the book “ The Conscious Universe” from Amit Goswami, and the book “God’s Secret Thoughts”, from Volker Becker. Even the String theory, which dominates physics at the moment, says that a higher dimension is recognized as existing in the material cosmos. A higher field of information is implied in the String Theory. The big question is only whether the human brain can really build an independent quantum field capable of existing in the context of a higher information field after death. Dürr implied it according to near death research. According to the Karmapa case and statements made by clairvoyants and enlightened individuals, it is likely. A complete change of point of view on the part of science is represented here, which most atheists have unfortunately failed to notice. I am here to change that.

Thale: The Karmapa case could have been the result of any number of things.

Nils: That’s right. But up to now, no one has been able to explain it. The continued existence of the soul after death is the most probable explanation up to this point. So long as the further existence of the soul after death is likelier than the non-existence of it, one should live oriented around this idea.

Thale: The Karmapa case proves life after death as exactly as it does the existence of an invisible unicorn.

Nils: You have a sense of humor. Your logical ability to think could still use some development, however. It doesn’t refer to the existence of invisible unicorns, but according to near-death research and quantum physics, for the existence of a soul independent of the body. The warmth of the chest after death in connection to an invisible unicorn can only emanate from the overactive imagination of a dogmatic atheist.

Thale: This phenomenon can neither be explained, nor conceived of.

Nils: For a dogmatic atheist it is inconceivable, because this atheist simply refuses to believe it. He would rather give up his understanding than his belief in atheism.

Thale: The Karmapa incident can also be attributed to genetic makeup, coincidence, imagination, through any number of things.

Nils: This statement proves your lack of insight. A warm heart chakra definitely cannot be explained through genetic predisposition. Who can think up such nonsense? Coincidence isn’t a very good argument either, particularly when said coincidence occurs again and again. The enlightened masters of Tibetan Buddhism spend three days after death in their bodies, and there are hundreds of examples of this on record. I also find it amazing that you refer to hundreds of other phenomena without giving sources. You are well-schooled in Sophism, but every sophist can be proved wrong with clear reasoning. I have also forgotten the point relating to imagination. The Karmapa died in a western hospital. That a doctor in such a setting would imagine a warm heart chakra and elastic skin, is unlikely. He examined the Karmapa thoroughly after death, because he could hardly believe his own observations. Furthermore, there are many similar cases and the rest of the hospital staff also saw the Karmapa.

Thale: Show me the evidence for the existence of an afterlife.

Nils: If you want evidence, look at near death research, the death of the Karmapa, the reports of the afterlife from clairvoyants and the enlightened, the experiences acquired through regression therapy, reincarnation research, quantum physics experiments (especially Alain Aspect, but many other experiments are described in the book by Amit Goswami). Parapsychology also indicates the existence of higher cosmic dimensions.

Thale: But you need to show us the basis for your knowledge that you use to prove the sceptics wrong.

Nils: The basis of the existence of the soul after death is the duality from the body and the consciousness. The soul is consciousness energy. The soul consists of thoughts and feelings. The soul is a cloud of consciousness that is in and around the body. The soul is an oscillating connection to a higher cosmic information field. The deciding point is whether there is such a higher cosmic information field. The experiments conducted in quantum physics speak in favor of this. The string theory also speaks in favor of it. The findings of near death research and the expriences of clairvoyants also refer to the existence of a higher information field. There are many indications for the existence of a higher cosmic dimension. When there is such a higher dimension, then it is quite possible that the consciousness of humans can also survive after death.

Reincarnation research[edit]

Nils (Nobody60), 2012

Wikipedia: reincarnation research. The reincarnation research approaches more and more to the fact that there are past lives. Thousands of reports were investigated . The witnesses could accurately describe the previous places and situations, although they were never there and had heard nothing about it in the normal way. The most well-known reincarnation researcher in the West is Professor Ian Stevenson from the University of Virginia. He examined over the course of 40 years over 3.000 reincarnations situations throughout the world. Often, he noticed similarities in behavior and bodily signals in line with the former incarnation.

One of the most well-known cases of reincarnation in India is Shanti Devi. She was born in 1926 in New Delhi and could remember her previous life as a house wife in Mathura. Although she was never in that location, she was able to describe her previous husband, her previous house, and the city itself. She could even remember where she had always hidden her money in her former life.

  • Nobody60, "My beliefs are based mainly on my own experiences. I have seen about thousand previous lifes in the course of my spiritual cleansing processes. After seven years as a Yogi, I was suddenly overcome by the wish to know my earlier life. I went back in my meditation to a previous time and felt resonance with a particular time. I felt a sort of resistance, and looked in that direction and could spiritually “see” four earlier lifes. After eleven years as a Yogi, many former lifes came in dreams to the surface of my consciousness. Differing from the conscious perceptions while meditating, very clear film-like scenes- appeared. I could see the details of the situations and the environment I was in at the time of the previous life. From the single pictures I could see geographical details."(The Science of Proving God’s Existence)



Ulla: I want to talk about my out of body experience.

Nils: Yes, that would be nice.

Ulla: About 20 years ago when I had gallstones, I came into the hospital and was treated with laser. After this procedure, I wanted to phone with my mother and went to the ground floor. When I came out of the cell, I was suddenly dizzy and fell down. Then I saw my body from the ceiling on the floor. I (my soul) became curious and wanted to get closer to my body to see what was going on. At that moment I was pulled back into the body and woke up. I then went to the elevator and pressed the button for my floor. When the door opend, I tipped off the elevator. My soul flowed again out of my body and floated to the ceiling. This time many people were around me. They looked at me curiously, until the doctor arrived. He examined me and put my legs up. At that moment, I slipped back into my body. I was so happy about the experience, that I told the doctor that I was out of my body and would have floated on the ceiling. But the doctor did not believe me.

Nils: It's hard for atheists to believe this. It destroys their whole world view.

Ulla: I'm still very happy that I had this experience.

Nils: You are an important witness for the independence of the soul from the body.

Ulla: Thank you, dear! But I'm just a little witness. Some other went much farther than to the ceiling.

Nils: Everyone has to start somewhere.

Ulla: Some people reached already the paradise.

Nils: It's true. The most important witness is Pam Reynolds. She has seen the light of God in the afterlife and learned that there is a paradise area.

Ulla: Very good.

Nils: She has also shown that her experience was real. She heard the doctors during her out of body experience and repeated the conversation later. Pam Reynolds could have heard the talk of the doctors only with her soul. Her ears were stoppered at her operation. While her operation she had no brain waves. And yet she has heard the conversation.

Ulla: There is no better proof of it!

Nils: How do you feel about dying?

Ulla: I personally see it as a journey into a new life.

Nils: Are you afraid?

Ulla: I am looking forward to it.

Nils: I know my past lifes. And another Yogi in my acquaintance had the same typical short dreams. Many people knew things from their earlier lifes (eg Shanti Devi).

Ulla: I remember, that I trotted in Neanderthal times with my clan through a muddy swamp.

Nils: How did you remember this?

Ulla: I meditated on the root chakra.

Nils: Thereby you have resolved tensions from a previous life.

Ulla: As a kid I wanted to be an angel and to help all other living things.

Nils: Perhaps you are indeed an angel. Do you remember your time in the afterworld before this life?

Ulla: Unfortunately not.

Nils: It is spiritually very good to live as an angel on earth. This creates good karma, and you can rise into the paradise in the afterworld. Those who live as a good are happier than persons who live as an egoist.

Ulla: That is absolutely right. It's a wonderful feeling to do good! I just had a beautiful dream. I was in a rainbow room in the afterworld, where I received spiritual teachings. From there, I saw the hell with many suffering souls. And I saw the heaven with many happy souls. Between hell and heaven, there was a golden path by which people could rise up from hell to heaven. I got a pill that cleaned me up inside and made a happy Holy from me. Then I was transferred to the golden road, and I could help the souls on their way to paradise. On the road I met you. You were also a happy Holy.

Nils: I'm only an insignificant hermit with no special skills. But maybe someday God has mercy on me. Your dream is very beautiful. It was certainly a real vision that God has given you.

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