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Glasswork' that comes through a heating proccess (kiln work ie; warm glass) has a special appeal for me, to be able to alter the form, sometimes radically, of glass is a very special art. More and more glasswork is being produced by machinery, the technology is staggering in its scope. Arguably the very best of the art glass comes from the mind and hands of the dedicated glass artist. Each and every piece is different, special, interesting and sometimes beautiful.

The molding and forming of Borosilicate glasses, into a fine art, has been a trade of mine for some time now. I am actively in school at present, but will add a great deal of my knowledge on this matter when given more time. There is a lot to list, I'll be doing a paper on it this month I'll keep this in mind. be back real soon. Did you know that glass is the only element that is a liquid even in its solid form?

Nope, glass at room temperature is an amorphous solid. Heat it up, it goes liquid when it flows.

Laboratory tests indicate that glass in a land-fill situation, takes approx. 20,000 years to begin changing, this should be sufficient reason to salvage all used glass and maybe turn some or most into art.