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Timeline for the day of the September 11 attacks currently redirects to here while this learning resource is being constructed. To convert a red link below to the Wikipedia article simply add w: as a prefix to the link. Clicking on a red link as it is creates a new local learning resource in the Wikiversity main namespace.

Dynamic timeline[edit]

This page was created on the 8 year anniversary of the September 11 attacks (USA) and shows how an interactive timeline can be constructed.

TIMELINE TIMESTAMP DETAILS via #time parser function
This timeline project began close to 20090911143520 September 11 day 253 of 2009 which was day 5 of week 37
The actual event begins at or near 20010911020000 September 11 day 253 of 2001 which was day 2 of week 37
The 10-year aniversary will begin 20110911020000 September 11 day 253 of 2011 which will be day 7 of week 36

All times are in New York Time (EDT or UTC - 4).


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The September 11 attacks, in addition to being a unique act of aggression, constituted a media event on a scale not seen since the advent of civilian global satellite links, round-the-clock television news organizations and the instant worldwide reaction and debate made possible by the Internet. As a result, most of the events listed below were known by a large portion of the planet's population as they occurred.


Below is an hour-by-hour breakdown of the events based on the Timeline for the day of the September 11 attacks Wikipedia article. Generating dynamic content with MediaWiki can help to create "re-enactments" of important historical events for use on Portals and Featured pages that "unfold" as the events did in actual time.

The events section on the Wikipedia article is 46 kilobytes long. We'll be breaking this big page into subpages so that dialup users, and those using mobile devices or old ancient browsers can edit and access pages without difficulties or delays. To do this, we'll use parser functions to create and access subpages to Timeline for the day of the September 11 attacks (currently a redirect to here):


Further reading[edit]

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