Fundamental Physics/Electricity/Electric charge interaction

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Electric charges interaction of 2 opposite electric charge[edit]

Coulomb discovered that charges of the same polaities will repulse . Charges of different polarities will attract . Negative charge will attract positive charge . The force of attraction is called Electrostatic force or Coulomb force . Electrostatic force has a symbol FQ measured in unit Newton N

Electrostatic force or Coulomb force is used in calculating the force of negative charge attracts positive charge

Electric charge and electricity interaction[edit]

Ampere discovered that, electricity exerts a force to force electric charge to move in a linear path will create a field of electric lines called Electric field . This force is called Electrodynamic force or Ampere force which has a symbol FE measured in unit Newton N

Electric charge and magnet interaction[edit]

Lorentz discovered that when electric charge travels through a magnet, magnet exerts a force to deflect