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An example equation would be 3+2=5

Arithmetic is a lecture and an article as part of the school of mathematics series of lectures.

You are free to take this quiz at any time.

To improve your score, read and study the lecture, the links contained within, listed under See also, External links, and in the {{mathematics resources}} template. This should give you adequate background to get 100 %.

As a "learning by doing" resource, this quiz helps you to assess your knowledge and understanding of the information, and it is a quiz you may take over and over as a learning resource to improve your knowledge, understanding, test-taking skills, and your score.

Suggestion: Have the lecture available in a separate window.

To master the information and use only your memory while taking the quiz, try rewriting the information from more familiar points of view, or be creative with association.

Enjoy learning by doing!

Quiz[edit | edit source]

1 5+3

2 2+2+7-7

3 7+4-39+193+183-1938*(3872+4938+91)+972+301938+10+17*2791*30+39+1600+12

Hypotheses[edit | edit source]

  1. Most of the subjects within mathematics can be approached and understood using set theory.

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