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Fraction[edit | edit source]

Fraction can be understood as ratio of Numerator over Denomator

Mixed Fraction[edit | edit source]

Examine a fraction that has numerator less than denominator

This represents a fraction of a whole number

A fraction that has numerator is equal denominator

.This represents a whole number

Add 2 fractions above

Yields a fraction that has numerator greater than denominator

Which can be written as

This type of fraction is called Mixed fraction

Improper Fractions[edit | edit source]

This is a type of fraction where the numerator is larger or bigger than the denominator in such that A > B examine the following:

23 is larger than 2.

9 is larger than 4.

All of the above are called improper fractions.

Equal Fractions[edit | edit source]

Given 2 fractions and . 2 fractions are equal if

Mathematic Operation[edit | edit source]

Operation on 1 fraction[edit | edit source]

Operation on 2 different fractions[edit | edit source]

Division ÷ =

Reference[edit | edit source]