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Linear equation[edit]

In this equation,

f(x) represents function
a represents the gradient,
x represents the x axis
b represents the y-intercept.

Finding equation's root[edit]

To find value satisfy linear equation above by dividing both sides by a

Hence, x is the root of equation

Straight line[edit]

Gradient is worked out by : , rise being the distance a line travels vertically, and run being the distance it travels horizontally. The y-intercept (or y-int) is the point on a linear graph where a linear equation crosses the y-axis. Similarly, the x-intercept (or x-int) is the point where a linear equation crosses the x-axis.

for x=0

indicates y-intercept

for y=0

indicates x-intercept

For every value of x there is a corresponding value as shown below

x 0 1 2
y b a+b 2a+b
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