Formulas in predicate logic; different predicates

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Formulas in predicate logic Rdrup.svg
e1a2 ¬S∧¬P
e1a2 ¬S∧P
(e1a2 S) ∧ (e1a2 P)
(implied by, but not to be confused with [113])
e1a2 S∧¬P
e1a2 S∧P
a1e2 ¬Sv¬P
¬ e1a2 S∧P

Matrix sketches
Matrix lists 2x2
e12 S∧P
a2e1 S∧P
e(12) S∧P
a1e2 S∧P
e1a2 S∧P
a(12) S∧P
e2a1 S∧P
a12 S∧P

Syllogism analogues[edit | edit source]

S love Predicates SMP; S.svg
M trust Predicates SMP; M.svg
P admire Predicates SMP; P.svg

013 113 171[edit | edit source]

Predicate logic; tensor 013 MP.svg
Loupe light.svg
a1e2 ¬Mv¬P
¬ e1a2 M∧P
Everyone has someone whom they don't trust or whom they don't admire.
(Negation of "Someone trusts and admires everyone.")
Predicate logic; tensor 113 SM.svg
Loupe light.svg e1a2 S∧M Someone loves and trusts everyone. [113]
Predicate logic; tensor 013 MP and 113 SM.svg
Loupe light.svg (a1e2 ¬Mv¬P) ∧ (e1a2 S∧M)
Predicate logic; tensor 171 SP.svg
Loupe light.svg e12 S∧¬P Someone has someone whom they love, but whom they don't admire. [171]