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Flash is a must for understanding how animations, games are created. It is user friendly.


Flash is a video format on the Internet, which is called "animation". Flash can also be a software, called "Adobe Flash", which is a Flash animation creator and editor.

Flash (animation) is an environment originally created to provide a means of displaying vector based graphics, multimedia, and animations but has recently been taken up by game developers to create web based games (i.e. games that can be played in a web browser).

Flash (Adobe Flash) uses the programming language ActionScript to add interactive elements to it.

The Flash we can see on the Internet is mainly FLV or SWF. FLV is short for "Flash Video". FLV can be embedded into a Flash video player, which is a SWF file. So to add FLV to web page, just export the FLV to a web-based Flash video player and embed the Flash video player to web page. Flash video player can be created with Adobe Flash with ActionScript. Another software product called Moyea Web Player on playerdiy.com offers easier solutions to make Flash video player with no ActionScript needed.

Flash is used to create television content, such as some animated programs on Comedy Central. The strength for this is in the library system used by Flash to store elements that are reused. For animated characters this may include storing front, three-quarter and side views of characters, facial expressions for each, and walk cycles.

Flash is also extensively used in rich-internet applications. It can present information from data bases and streamline multi-page operations into on page interactions such as hotel reservations and shopping carts.


Flash/Introduction Drawing with the simple vector portion of Flash, necessary knowledge. Converting drawings into movie clips and the uses of movie clips compared to other formats. Creating a simple hello world function.

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