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Learning objective s[edit | edit source]

Terminal objectives[edit | edit source]

Garments shall have at least one conspicuously placed permanent label attached when properly assembled.

Product labels on protective ensemble shall be located inside each garment.

It will be easy to locate and read when necessary.

Enabling objectives[edit | edit source]

Wearer must be aware of :

  • Use multiple labels to display all information if necessary.
  • Certification organization's information shall be part of the product label and shall be printed in English.
  • Symbols and pictures are permitted in lieu of words and must be understood.
  • NFPA Standard 1971 shall be legibly stated on the product label and at least 2.5mm high.
  • The following information shall be printed legibly and at least 1.6mm high:
    • Manufacturer's name and address
    • Country where manufactured
    • Manufacturer's garment identification
    • Month and year garment was manufactured
    • Model number
    • Size
    • Materials used
    • Cleaning instructions
  • All 3 layers of garment shall have labels on each piece, and shall meet previously listed requirements.
  • Manufacturer shall attach obviously placed user identification, so user has no choice but to remove information prior to using.
  • Manufacturer shall provide a minimum of the following information:
    • Pre-use information
    • Safety information
    • Limits of use
    • Garment markings
    • All tests must be done prior to field use
    • Warranty information
    • Preparations for use
    • Sizing
    • Storage concerns
    • Inspection frequency
    • Donning and Doffing procedures
    • Sizing procedures
    • Interfaces
  • Use consistent with NFPA 1500 - Part 1910.132
  • Washing and drying precautions
  • Inspection details
  • Maintenance amd repair
  • Decontamination procedures
  • Retirement and disposal procedures