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 Barbie in The Pink Shoes is a 2013 CGI-animated film directed by Owen Hurley and written by Alison Taylor. It is number 24 in Barbie film series. There are two release dates for this movie; region 1 was on 26th February 2013 and region 2 was on 18th March 2013. It is a fantasy and adventure movie with the theme song “Keep on Dancing”.


The movie begins with Madame Natasha who is looking at Kristyn’s dancing. The spirit of the music overcomes Kristyn, and she starts dancing in her own way which causes Madame Natasha blames her, so she rips her shoes and falls down. Then Kristyn and Hailey leave to get new shoes. Suddenly, when Kristyn wears shoes which Madame Katerina gives her, she and Hailey are transported to the Giselle’s ballet world, and Kristyn is now Giselle. Hailey warns her about the sad ending of the Giselle’s story and asks her to leave. While they are leaving, the Snow Queen comes and asks where Giselle is, so, the characters Albrecht and Hilarion, try to find Giselle. Now, Hailey suspects that the shoes are the cause of everything, so she tells Kristyn to take them off but Kristyn runs away. Next, Hailey finds her at the Swan Lake and now Kristyn turns into Queen Odette. Then she is asked to dance by Prince Siegfried, who later asks her to come to his party that night. After that, Rothbart comes out and turns Kristyn and Hailey into swans, and they fly to the party to break the spell of Rothbart. At the party, Odile, who is Rothbart’s daughter, dresses up like Queen Odette and dances with the prince. When Kristyn arrives, she tries to interrupt the dancing of Odile and the prince, and she is successful. After that, Hailey is taken away, so Kristyn follows. Next, she meets Albrecht and Hilarion and asks for help. In the palace, the Snow Queen forces Hailey and Kristyn to dance. Once Kristyn starts dancing with her own choreography, the Snow Queen’s control is broken. At last, Kristyn takes off her shoes and returns to the real world. Then, Tara comes and gives Kristyn new ballet shoes. Kristyn starts a wonderful dance with her own choreography. After the performance, Tara and Dillon are chose by talent scouts and they ask Kristyn to be a star in a brand new ballet show along with her costume designer, Hailey. After everyone leaves, Madame Katerina carefully takes back the pink shoes.


  • Kristyn Ferraday[1] (voiced by Kelly Sheridan) is the main protagonist of Barbie in The Pink Shoes. She is a 17 year old girl with long blonde hair who really loves ballet. While she is on the stage, she cannot stop herself from letting her feet do their own thing.
  • Hailey (voiced by Katie Crown) is a costume designer, who works with Madame Katerina at Madame Natasha’s ballet company. She is Kristyn Ferraday’s best friend.
  • Madame Natasha (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) is the leader of a ballet company.
  • Madame Katerina (voiced by Lori Triolo) is the costume maker, who works with Hailey in Madame Natasha’s ballet company.
  • Tara Pennington (voiced by Ali Liebert) is one of the students in Madame Natasha’s ballet company. She always try to do her best while performing. Her father always watches all of her dances.
  • Dillon Matthews (voiced by Brett Dier) is also one of the students in the ballet school. He is the male leader. He enjoys watching the dance of Kristyn even if she always dances in her own style.
  • Snow Queen (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) is the main antagonist in the movie. She rules the ballet world where Kristyn and Hailey are transported to after Kristyn puts on the magical pink shoes.
  • Prince Albrecht (voiced by Trevor Devall) is the prince in the story of Giselle. He has the main male role in a magical ballet world.
  • Hilarion (voiced by Kyle Rideout) is the second main male role in the magical ballet world from the story of Giselle.
  • Prince Siegfried (voiced by Brett Dier) is a character in this story who dances with Kristyn when she is transformed to Queen Odette
  • Rothbart (voiced by Bill Mondy) is in the Swan Lake’s story and is an evil sorcerer.
  • Odile (voiced by Ali Liebert) is the daughter of Rothbart in the magic ballet world.


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