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Future Evolutionary Synthesis

Evolution is too useful a paradigm to be left only in the hands of biologists. From the perspective of Engineering, it can be seen as being a blind prototyping system, a search mechanism, an aid to self-organization, and a key to self-programming robots. From the perspective of physics, it can be seen to be an indication that the second law of thermodynamics might be incorrect, and a possible connecting link to Complexity theory. From the perspective of Neuroscience, it may be the only explanation for non-genetic recombination and self-organization of Neural Networks into Neural Maps. In Computing Science, may seem to be just one more heuristic algorythm, and the key to an Adaptive Macro Language.

At heart, evolution is a very simple system, so simple that it may have an impact at a much earlier stage in our universe than biologists would ever think to look. The Evolution Algorythm has only three parts, and may apply as easily to the formation of elements during the big bounce, as it does to the complex structure of biological genetics. Where the future synthesis of Evolution ends, is not something we can predict today

Although Darwin made some predictions in his later works, that went so far as to connect Evolution to even social development, but didn't actually predict the linkage his theory would turn out to have to Meddelan Genetics, it may turn out that there are literally millions of Evolutionary Mechanisms involved in the development of the Universe, and the current Evolutionary Synthesis, is blind to them, because of its dependence on Biology and Genetics.

--Graeme E. Smith 19:28, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

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