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This is a learning resource created as part of the Endymion Society's course on how to write a Wiki book. A wiki is an electronic documentation system that can be edited by others in a collaborative environment. The "book" part of the Wiki book is a series of online pages that form one entity. As part of the Endymion Society, the "book" is also an actual physical book. It is the Endymion Society's belief that a strong learning resource is based around the structure of great literature.

A collection of poetry, for instance, is published as one book and a Wiki book would be one enyclopedic article about the book with secondary encyclopedic articles for the notable poems. Additionally, academic editions of books contain introductions, notes, and secondary essays on different aspects involved in the works.

This project will provide a step by step method to show how to write articles around a notable book, write secondary essays and introductory material for that book, and seek to publish through the Wiki environment these collections.