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The tomato is a fruit. It is shiny and smooth. It has many small seeds. It is very tasty. It is also very good for health. Most tomatoes are red. The tomato is green when it is unripe. It slowly changes color from green to red as it gets ripe, and as it gets ripe it gets bigger and bigger. There are many different types of tomatoes. Some kinds of tomato are yellow or orange when they are ripe. Tomatoes are used a lot in Italian food. They are also used to make ketchup. Tomatoes are called fruit, because they contain seeds. Tomato seeds are dispersed by being eaten by animals. After being eaten the seeds pass through the animal's digestive system.

番茄/西红柿 是 一种 水果。它 平滑 而 有光泽。它 有 许多 小种子。它 非常 好吃。它 有益健康。大多数 西红柿 是 红色的。未成熟 时 番茄 呈 绿色。它 随着 成熟 逐渐 从 绿色 变为 红色,随着 成熟 变得 越来越大。有 许多 不同 类型的 番茄。一些 番茄 成熟 时 是 黄色 或 橙色的。番茄 在 Italy食物中 使用 很多。它们 也 被用来 制作 番茄酱。番茄 被称为 水果,因为 它们 含有 种子。番茄 种子 被 动物 食用 而 传播。种子 被吃掉后 会 通过 动物的 消化系统 排出体外。