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A dessert is a type of food that is eaten after lunch or dinner. It is usually a sweet food, like ice cream, cookies, and cakes. In some countries, cheeses such as Brie cheese and fruit are served as dessert. Some desserts are decorated, like birthday cakes. Others are simple, like pudding. Many desserts are baked (cooked in an oven). Some desserts are served with whipped cream as a topping.

甜点 是 午餐 或 晚餐后 食用的 一种 食物。它 通常 是 甜食,如 ice cream,饼干 和 蛋糕。在 一些 国家,奶酪 如 Brie奶酪 和 水果 被当作 甜点。一些 甜点 被装饰,像 生日蛋糕。有些 甜点 很简单,像 pudding。许多 甜点 是 烘烤的(在 烤箱中 烹饪)。一些 甜点 在 顶部 配上 搅拌奶油。