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Generating code

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Student steam table saturation P(T)
Data shown in the simple steam tables is shown. Circles represent entries in the table. Plotted are volume, energy, enthalpy, and entropy versus temperature.

For T = 1.0 Celsius to T = 373.0 Celsius[edit | edit source]

    fluid gas fluid gas fluid gas fluid gas
Pressure Temp. volume volume energy energy enthalpy enthalpy entropy entropy
T(C) P(bars) vf   (m3/kg) vg   (m3/kg) uf   (kJ/kg) ug   (kJ/kg) hf   (kJ/kg) hg   (kJ/kg) sf   (kJ/kg) sg   (kJ/kg)
1.0 6.57E-03 1.00E-03 1.92E+02 4.18E+00 2.38E+03 4.18E+00 2.50E+03 1.53E-02 9.13E+00
3.0 7.58E-03 1.00E-03 1.68E+02 1.26E+01 2.38E+03 1.26E+01 2.51E+03 4.59E-02 9.08E+00
10.0 1.23E-02 1.00E-03 1.06E+02 4.20E+01 2.39E+03 4.20E+01 2.52E+03 1.51E-01 8.90E+00
30.0 4.25E-02 1.00E-03 3.29E+01 1.26E+02 2.42E+03 1.26E+02 2.56E+03 4.37E-01 8.45E+00
100.0 1.01E+00 1.04E-03 1.67E+00 4.19E+02 2.51E+03 4.19E+02 2.68E+03 1.31E+00 7.35E+00
200.0 1.55E+01 1.16E-03 1.27E-01 8.51E+02 2.59E+03 8.52E+02 2.79E+03 2.33E+00 6.43E+00
225.0 2.55E+01 1.20E-03 7.84E-02 9.64E+02 2.60E+03 9.67E+02 2.80E+03 2.56E+00 6.25E+00
250.0 3.98E+01 1.25E-03 5.01E-02 1.08E+03 2.60E+03 1.09E+03 2.80E+03 2.79E+00 6.07E+00
275.0 5.95E+01 1.32E-03 3.28E-02 1.20E+03 2.59E+03 1.21E+03 2.79E+03 3.02E+00 5.89E+00
300.0 8.59E+01 1.40E-03 2.17E-02 1.33E+03 2.56E+03 1.34E+03 2.75E+03 3.25E+00 5.71E+00
325.0 1.21E+02 1.53E-03 1.42E-02 1.47E+03 2.51E+03 1.49E+03 2.68E+03 3.50E+00 5.49E+00
350.0 1.65E+02 1.74E-03 8.80E-03 1.64E+03 2.42E+03 1.67E+03 2.56E+03 3.78E+00 5.21E+00
355.0 1.76E+02 1.81E-03 7.87E-03 1.68E+03 2.39E+03 1.71E+03 2.53E+03 3.84E+00 5.14E+00
360.0 1.87E+02 1.89E-03 6.94E-03 1.73E+03 2.35E+03 1.76E+03 2.48E+03 3.92E+00 5.05E+00
365.0 1.98E+02 2.02E-03 6.00E-03 1.78E+03 2.30E+03 1.82E+03 2.42E+03 4.00E+00 4.95E+00
373.0 2.18E+02 2.53E-03 4.02E-03 1.92E+03 2.14E+03 1.97E+03 2.23E+03 4.24E+00 4.63E+00