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This table was made with a MATLAB code released by Magnus Holmgren. This mirror of the following table was made in order to (1) permit copy/paste into a spreadsheet, and (2) compare it with a corresponding Ohio Steam Tables. The reader can verify that they are only slightly different by inspecting this error table that calculates:

For T = 1°C to T = 140°C[edit | edit source]

    fluid gas fluid gas fluid gas fluid gas
Temp Pressure volume volume energy energy enthalpy enthalpy entropy entropy
T (°C) Psat (bars) vf   (m3/kg) vg   (m3/kg) uf   (kJ/kg) ug   (kJ/kg) hf   (kJ/kg) hg   (kJ/kg) sf   (kJ/kg) sg   (kJ/kg)
1 6.571E-03 1.000E-03 1.924E+02 4.176E+00 2.376E+03 4.177E+00 2.503E+03 1.526E-02 9.129E+00
5 8.726E-03 1.000E-03 1.470E+02 2.102E+01 2.382E+03 2.102E+01 2.510E+03 7.625E-02 9.025E+00
10 1.228E-02 1.000E-03 1.063E+02 4.202E+01 2.389E+03 4.202E+01 2.519E+03 1.511E-01 8.900E+00
15 1.706E-02 1.001E-03 7.788E+01 6.298E+01 2.396E+03 6.298E+01 2.528E+03 2.245E-01 8.780E+00
20 2.339E-02 1.002E-03 5.776E+01 8.392E+01 2.402E+03 8.392E+01 2.537E+03 2.965E-01 8.666E+00
25 3.170E-02 1.003E-03 4.334E+01 1.048E+02 2.409E+03 1.048E+02 2.547E+03 3.673E-01 8.557E+00
30 4.247E-02 1.004E-03 3.288E+01 1.257E+02 2.416E+03 1.257E+02 2.556E+03 4.368E-01 8.452E+00
35 5.629E-02 1.006E-03 2.521E+01 1.466E+02 2.423E+03 1.466E+02 2.565E+03 5.052E-01 8.352E+00
40 7.384E-02 1.008E-03 1.952E+01 1.675E+02 2.429E+03 1.675E+02 2.574E+03 5.724E-01 8.256E+00
45 9.594E-02 1.010E-03 1.525E+01 1.884E+02 2.436E+03 1.884E+02 2.582E+03 6.386E-01 8.163E+00
50 1.235E-01 1.012E-03 1.203E+01 2.093E+02 2.443E+03 2.093E+02 2.591E+03 7.038E-01 8.075E+00
55 1.576E-01 1.015E-03 9.565E+00 2.302E+02 2.449E+03 2.302E+02 2.600E+03 7.680E-01 7.990E+00
60 1.995E-01 1.017E-03 7.668E+00 2.511E+02 2.456E+03 2.512E+02 2.609E+03 8.312E-01 7.908E+00
65 2.504E-01 1.020E-03 6.194E+00 2.721E+02 2.462E+03 2.721E+02 2.618E+03 8.935E-01 7.830E+00
70 3.120E-01 1.023E-03 5.040E+00 2.930E+02 2.469E+03 2.930E+02 2.626E+03 9.550E-01 7.754E+00
75 3.860E-01 1.026E-03 4.129E+00 3.139E+02 2.475E+03 3.140E+02 2.635E+03 1.016E+00 7.681E+00
80 4.741E-01 1.029E-03 3.405E+00 3.349E+02 2.482E+03 3.349E+02 2.643E+03 1.075E+00 7.611E+00
85 5.787E-01 1.032E-03 2.826E+00 3.559E+02 2.488E+03 3.559E+02 2.651E+03 1.134E+00 7.543E+00
90 7.018E-01 1.036E-03 2.359E+00 3.769E+02 2.494E+03 3.770E+02 2.660E+03 1.193E+00 7.478E+00
95 8.461E-01 1.040E-03 1.981E+00 3.979E+02 2.500E+03 3.980E+02 2.668E+03 1.250E+00 7.415E+00
100 1.014E+00 1.043E-03 1.672E+00 4.190E+02 2.506E+03 4.191E+02 2.676E+03 1.307E+00 7.354E+00
110 1.434E+00 1.052E-03 1.209E+00 4.612E+02 2.518E+03 4.614E+02 2.691E+03 1.419E+00 7.238E+00
120 1.987E+00 1.060E-03 8.913E-01 5.036E+02 2.529E+03 5.038E+02 2.706E+03 1.528E+00 7.129E+00
130 2.703E+00 1.070E-03 6.681E-01 5.461E+02 2.540E+03 5.464E+02 2.720E+03 1.635E+00 7.026E+00
140 3.615E+00 1.080E-03 5.085E-01 5.888E+02 2.550E+03 5.892E+02 2.733E+03 1.739E+00 6.929E+00

For T = 150°C to T = 374°C[edit | edit source]

    fluid gas fluid gas fluid gas fluid gas
Temp Pressure volume volume energy energy enthalpy enthalpy entropy entropy
T (°C) Psat (bars) vf   (m3/kg) vg   (m3/kg) uf   (kJ/kg) ug   (kJ/kg) hf   (kJ/kg) hg   (kJ/kg) sf   (kJ/kg) sg   (kJ/kg)
150 4.761E+00 1.091E-03 3.925E-01 6.317E+02 2.559E+03 6.323E+02 2.746E+03 1.842E+00 6.837E+00
160 6.181E+00 1.102E-03 3.068E-01 6.749E+02 2.568E+03 6.756E+02 2.757E+03 1.943E+00 6.749E+00
170 7.921E+00 1.114E-03 2.426E-01 7.183E+02 2.576E+03 7.192E+02 2.768E+03 2.042E+00 6.665E+00
180 1.003E+01 1.127E-03 1.939E-01 7.621E+02 2.583E+03 7.632E+02 2.777E+03 2.140E+00 6.584E+00
190 1.255E+01 1.141E-03 1.564E-01 8.061E+02 2.589E+03 8.076E+02 2.785E+03 2.236E+00 6.506E+00
200 1.555E+01 1.157E-03 1.272E-01 8.506E+02 2.594E+03 8.524E+02 2.792E+03 2.331E+00 6.430E+00
210 1.907E+01 1.173E-03 1.043E-01 8.955E+02 2.598E+03 8.977E+02 2.797E+03 2.425E+00 6.357E+00
220 2.319E+01 1.190E-03 8.610E-02 9.409E+02 2.601E+03 9.436E+02 2.801E+03 2.518E+00 6.284E+00
230 2.797E+01 1.209E-03 7.151E-02 9.868E+02 2.603E+03 9.902E+02 2.803E+03 2.610E+00 6.213E+00
240 3.347E+01 1.229E-03 5.971E-02 1.033E+03 2.603E+03 1.038E+03 2.803E+03 2.702E+00 6.143E+00
250 3.976E+01 1.252E-03 5.009E-02 1.081E+03 2.602E+03 1.086E+03 2.801E+03 2.793E+00 6.072E+00
260 4.692E+01 1.276E-03 4.218E-02 1.129E+03 2.599E+03 1.135E+03 2.797E+03 2.885E+00 6.002E+00
270 5.503E+01 1.303E-03 3.562E-02 1.178E+03 2.594E+03 1.185E+03 2.790E+03 2.976E+00 5.930E+00
280 6.416E+01 1.333E-03 3.015E-02 1.228E+03 2.586E+03 1.237E+03 2.780E+03 3.068E+00 5.858E+00
290 7.442E+01 1.366E-03 2.556E-02 1.280E+03 2.576E+03 1.290E+03 2.767E+03 3.161E+00 5.783E+00
300 8.588E+01 1.404E-03 2.166E-02 1.333E+03 2.564E+03 1.345E+03 2.750E+03 3.255E+00 5.706E+00
310 9.865E+01 1.448E-03 1.834E-02 1.388E+03 2.547E+03 1.402E+03 2.728E+03 3.351E+00 5.624E+00
320 1.128E+02 1.499E-03 1.548E-02 1.445E+03 2.526E+03 1.462E+03 2.701E+03 3.449E+00 5.537E+00
330 1.286E+02 1.561E-03 1.298E-02 1.506E+03 2.499E+03 1.526E+03 2.666E+03 3.552E+00 5.442E+00
340 1.460E+02 1.638E-03 1.078E-02 1.571E+03 2.465E+03 1.594E+03 2.622E+03 3.660E+00 5.336E+00
350 1.653E+02 1.740E-03 8.801E-03 1.642E+03 2.418E+03 1.671E+03 2.564E+03 3.778E+00 5.211E+00
360 1.867E+02 1.895E-03 6.945E-03 1.726E+03 2.351E+03 1.761E+03 2.481E+03 3.916E+00 5.053E+00
370 2.104E+02 2.222E-03 4.946E-03 1.846E+03 2.229E+03 1.893E+03 2.334E+03 4.114E+00 4.800E+00
374 2.205E+02 2.928E-03 3.308E-03 1.991E+03 2.049E+03 2.056E+03 2.122E+03 4.363E+00 4.465E+00