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I'm trying to figure out what free e-learning technology I should be incorporating in my classes. I know that there are wikis and blogs.

In dealing with blogging, I've been using Blogger.com to create many of my blogs and posting. I've found that blogger works well with other free e-learning technology such as YouTube and Picasa. You can create as many blogs with as many postings as you would like. Blogger will automatically archive your last months postings. Use other services to create a RSS feed to your blog account. You can add users to your blogs within Blogger.com and give them rights to create new postings and even give them rights to edit existing postins. I'm enjoying blogging. It's a great way to get your information out there.

Wikis are a great e-learning technology that allows you and others to collaborate on projects. You create a wiki and then allow others to add and modify the content on the wiki. You can even add additional pages. Some wikis even allow you to upload files. Wiki are dynamic which means that it can be change. It's not a static page such as a website that users have no control over other then to read it. Where as a wiki, you give users the liberty to add their comments and suggestions. What a great collaboration tool. I feel its a way to get students more involved in a class. Students who don't speak in class for what ever the reason will participate in wiki projects. They can now be heard by their fellow students. Instructors and students will have a great way to communicate with each other no matter were they are. Someone can be in CA and someone can be in MA and still be able to collaborate.

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