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The creation of Dissociationism is attributed to Brian Wasserman. the name dissocation is as basically as the name of the philosophy suggests, it's objective is to break up ideological unions. It's main purpose is to thwart ideological groups latent and future objective, which is to alienate from other ideologies in the hope to further it's own interests. Meetings among members whose main goal is to further their own interests is admonished. Adherents of Dissocationism are to believe in what ever fashion see fit.

Cultural favoritism is admonished, people are to think of themselves as humans; people can still celebrate their culture. A Dissocationist may be a buddhist, christian, hindu, muslim, or any other creed as long as they use act accordingly with Dissociationist principles. Dissociationism is a more structured form of anarchy[citation needed]. An objective of Dissociationism is to proliferate ideas among individuals,individuals are given more freedom to believe in however the see fit, the desired effect is to create more unique ideas.