Deleuze Glossary

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The proposed resource for students and scholars will offer straight-forward glossary entries explaining key terms used by the notoriously difficult to grasp but important French contemporary social theorist and philosopher, Gilles Deleuze. The last decade has seen the introduction of and steady rise in popularity of pocket-sized academic reference books, particularly in the areas of philosophy and social theory. The proposed resource taps into the enthusiasm and need for such accessible guides that lay the groundwork for understanding. A Deleuze Glossary uniquely offers readers alphabetically organized, stand-alone entries, which can be cross-referenced and hyperlinked to original sources and videos. This format gives access to the breadth of Deleuze’s theoretical project and continues to be a valuable reference resource.

Topics The topics covered consist of the most commonly encountered and discussed of Deleuze’s innovative vocabulary. These terms are now common across the social sciences, but are not widely understood, nor used with great awareness of their subtleties, nor of their original context. The proposed text provides these while avoiding obfuscation and without expecting extensive prior knowledge.