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Fachbereich Wirtschaft der FHV
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Distance Learning
Virtual Teamwork

WS 2020

target audience

This course takes place within the framework of the bachelor's degree program IBW of the FH Vorarlberg and is exclusively aimed at the students of this course at the FHV.

necessary documents


Distance Learning due to Corona[edit | edit source]

  • to the Distance Learning page of this course click HERE
  • to the main page of Distance Learning click HERE

Lecturer[edit | edit source]

Grading/Performance[edit | edit source]

Due to Corona, the students of the FHVorarlberg have shown that they can handle the offered distance learning well. Therefore, the goal of this course is reached by everyone, if they have not given up their studies.

Therefore the course Virtual Teamwork will be changed in WS 20/12 as follows:

  • There will be no meetings at all.
  • A graded substitute performance is required

To successfully pass the course create an individual text of about 5 pages in this template about

  • their experience of distance learning
  • their three main problems with their own distance learning
  • effective instructions for solving these problems

To ensure that the descriptions to be created have sufficient depth, they will be written in german.

This avoids simplifications in the formulations.