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FORUM[edit | edit source]

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Is a Neural Network really a Virtual Machine?[edit | edit source]

A Neural Network implements a distributed processing architecture on a serial architecture or cluster of serial architecture computers. So by definition it is a form of Virtual Machine --Graeme E. Smith 19:00, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

Modeling Division[edit | edit source]

BBD Development[edit | edit source]

Why is there only four BBDs listed in the Brain Based Devices Subdivision?

Well quite simply, I don't know what interests others have in this portal yet, and I am trying to conserve my energy to flesh out the portal, so I have only put down the projects that I need to test out a theory of Attention that I have used in my Memory Model. When others get involved, we might need to play with the format of the Portal to accommodate them. At that time, we will probably get a much different look to the BBD subdivision.
Perhaps rather than listing the actual projects we will need to separate them into departments. --Graeme E. Smith 22:13, 14 February 2009 (UTC)

Housekeeping[edit | edit source]

General Layout of GreySmith Institute[edit | edit source]

Who designed the stupid color scheme?

The color scheme is minimally changed from the default colors of the Tabbed portal, from which it was derived. The original scheme had grey tabs, and I originally changed tab2 to yellow, only to find that it made my eyes go buggy, so I toned it down to gold, and substituted silver for the ugly grey of tab3. If you want to change the colors suggest some that would look better and I will eventually get around to changing them.--Graeme E. Smith 19:00, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

What happened to the pretty boxes?

Make a portal has a tutorial on how to make pretty boxen, but I like the control of having straight links. You might notice that I go deep rather than shallow in my links. Partly this is because I figured out how to hack the Tabbed Portal so that it would allow more than one level of depth. I am still experimenting with the layout so it might change. In fact lets discuss the layout, since it may only make sense to me, others might like a different departmental structure.
When we get a little further into this, others will probably help me with developing the structure expecially at the departmental and project level.--Graeme E. Smith 19:00, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

Isn't the framework a little thin in the Languages Division?

As you may know building the institute has been a marathon project, taking weeks of work, just to populate the Portal. After long hours of editing, I got writers block and may have made an error or two in the framework in the development especially in the subdivisions of the Language Division, remember this is just a tenative build, once I have someone else to bounce ideas off of, some of the subdivisions might need to be changed. Feel free to discuss it here on the forum.