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A wiki farm allows users to create individual wikis. When multiple individual wikis run off of one installation of wiki programming, this is a wiki farm. This does not include cases where the spaces (or, groups of pages) within a single wiki instance are dedicated for specific topics. Wiki farms are run from a server or an array of servers in which core wiki code is installed. Template:Clarify me

Prior to Wiki Farms, the administrator of multiple wikis had to install each wiki independently. This resulted in much wasted time, deploying redundant code and configurations on the server. With wiki farms this process is greatly simplified. The administrator established unique space on the server(s) (the field) and uses the core installed code (in the farm) to execute the functions of each individual wiki. This development may also be used by a number of publicly-available wiki hosting services, as evidenced by the tendency of these services to, not only classify themselves as "wiki farms", but to define the entire concept as solely within the domain of a hosting for multiple wikis. Before these public services were available, users who wanted to share information on-line through their own Wiki had to install a Wiki server of their own, configure it, connect it to the Internet and maintain it. Today, the public services have eliminated this requirement.

Both non-commercial and commercial Wiki farms are available for users and online communities. While most of the wiki farms allow anyone to open their own Wiki, some impose restrictions. Many wiki farm companies generate revenue through the insertion of advertisements, but often allow payment of a monthly fee as an alternative to accepting ads.


The following tables compare general information for several wiki farms; however, more than 100 wiki farms have been created.[1] Further information can be found at the websites themselves, or in the linked article for some of the more notable ones. This article is not all-inclusive or necessarily up to date. It does not review or endorse any wiki farm, nor does it include any advertising hyperbole. See the external links at the end for more info, reviews, forums, etc.. The Alexa traffic rankings are not accurate for those wiki farms that allow some of their hosted wikis to have separate domain names. In those cases there may be some additional Alexa rankings listed below for some of the larger individual wikis in a wiki farm. The Wikis are normally provided with a standard layout, or a choice of layouts, usually known as skins. Some wiki farms allow the layout to be customised using cascading style sheets (css).

Wiki farm Alexa[2] Cost? Ad? Content license
@wiki[3] &0000000000170000.000000170,000 [4] Free Yes
BluWiki[5] &0000000000085000.00000085,000 [6] Free No GFDL
BrainKeeper[7] &0000000000550000.000000550,000 [8] Non-free Nonfree ?
BusinessWiki[9] &0000000000012000.00000012,000 [10] Free (3 users) / Paid (14 days trial) No GPL
Central Desktop[11] &0000000000025000.00000025,000 [12] ? ?
ClearWiki[13] &0000000000450000.000000450,000 [14] Free/Paid ?
Confluence Hosted[15] &0000000000030000.00000030,000 [16] Paid[17] ?
CustomerVision BizWiki[18] &0000000001600000.0000001,600,000 [19] Paid ?
EditMe[20] &0000000000110000.000000110,000 [21] Paid ?[22] &0000000000090000.00000090,000 [23] Free Text
eTouch SamePage[24] &0000000000450000.000000450,000 [25] Paid ?
eurekster swicki[26] ?
GROU.PS SuperWiki[27] &0000000000006400.0000006,400 [28] Free No Any[29] &0000000005300000.0000005,300,000 [30] Free/paid ? Creative Commons[31]
Hive Wiki[32] &0000000002500000.0000002,500,000 [33] Free Yes
HOAwiki[34] &0000000002400000.0000002,400,000 [35] Paid No Users Choice
Intodit[36] &0000000000350000.000000350,000 [37] Free AS[38]
Miraheze[39] &0000000000126660.000000126,660 [40] Free No User choice, CC-BY-SA as Default.
MojWiki[41] &0000000004300000.0000004,300,000 [42] Free AS
MyFreeWiki (en, fr)[43] &0000000002000000.0000002,000,000 [44] Free No User Choice
Netcipia[45] &0000000000850000.000000850,000 [46] Free[47] No
nexdo (formerly Partnertext)[48] &0000000007100000.0000007,100,000 [49] Free/paid ?
Oddwiki[50] &0000000000500000.000000500,000 [51] Free ?
On-wiki[52] &0000000000700000.000000700,000 [53] Free Yes
OpenTeams[54] &0000000002300000.0000002,300,000 [55] Paid[56] ?[57] &0000000000190000.000000190,000 [58] Free No Copyleft (choice of Creative Commons, GNU FDL, other licenses)
PAUX[59] &0000000008500000.0000008,500,000 [60] Free/paid ? Copyleft license
PBwiki[61] &0000000000003000.0000003,000 [62] Free/paid Yes
PicoWiki[63] &0000000001500000.0000001,500,000 [64] Free/donationware - for personal wikis optimized for iPhone and smartphones No user choice
ProjectForum[65] &0000000000750000.000000750,000 [66] Paid ?
ProjectLocker[67] &0000000001900000.0000001,900,000 [68] Paid ?
Referata[69] &0000000000430000.000000430,000 [70] Free/paid No User choice (via site settings), default is Creative Commons by-sa[71]
Russian wiki community[72] &0000000002200000.0000002,200,000 [73] negotiatable ? negotiatable
SeedWiki[74] &0000000000340000.000000340,000 [75] Free/paid  ?
ShoutWiki[76] &0000000000193415.000000193,415 [77] Free/paid ?
SnoutHold Cospire[78] &0000000001500000.0000001,500,000 [79] Free ?
Socialtext Workspace Hosted[80] &0000000000051663.00000051,663 [81] Paid [82] No Wiki creators can set their own.
Swirrl[83] &0000000001600000.0000001,600,000 [84] Free/Paid No[85][86] &0000000007600000.0000007,600,000 [87] Free ?
ViaWiki[88] &0000000005300000.0000005,300,000 [89] Free/paid. FREE plan includes 25 megabytes of storage and a maximum of 5 users. ? GoogleAd on free accounts
Wetpaint[90] &0000000000002000.0000002,000 [91] Free/Paid AS Creative Commons[92] &0000000000070000.00000070,000 [93] Free/paid ?
Wikia[94] &0000000000000300.000000300 [95] Free Yes Creative Commons
Wikidot[96] &0000000000005013.0000005,013 [97] Free/paid Yes/No By default Creative Commons, GNU FDL, other licenses as requested
WikiFree[98] &0000000000000838.000000838 [99] Free No By default Creative Commons, others as needed[100] &0000000000190000.000000190,000 [101] Free Yes By default Creative Commons, others as needed[102] &0000000000120000.000000120,000 [103] Free/paid AS Wiki creators can set their own
Wikispaces[104] &0000000000004500.0000004,500 [105] Free/paid Yes/No Choice of Creative Commons, GNU FDL, other licenses
Wiki Spot[106] &0000000000450000.000000450,000 [107], &0000000000096000.00000096,000 [108] Free[109] No User choice, default Creative Commons Attribution
Wikkii [110] &0000000000204717.000000204,717 [111] Free Yes[112] &0000000000550000.000000550,000 [113] Free ? Any, integrated Creative Commons licenses
XWiki[114] &0000000000200000.000000200,000 [115] Free/paid No Any
YourWiki[116] &0000000001500000.0000001,500,000 [117] Free and Premium AS GFDL
Wiki farm Alexa. Approximative rank according to Alexa Internet. Click on the rank to get the last figures. Cost? Ad? Content license


Wiki farm WYSIWYG editing Features Base wiki engine Multilingual support Syntax support
@wiki Yes Selectable edit-mode (WikiText or WYSIWYG or text), access control, file uploads, importing, full-text search, and RSS abilities. [?] (custom) English, Chinese, Korean and others Some HTML,[1]
Math formulas
BluWiki ? No subscription needed, users can make new wiki articles. Subdomains are supported. [118] MediaWiki 1.6.7 Supports English, German, Spanish, French, and most other languages. Incorrect support of Russian. MediaWiki,
Some HTML,[1]
Math formulas
BrainKeeper Yes Access control, full-text search, calendaring, single sign-on to multiple projects, project templates, RSS enabled. [?] (custom) Some HTML,[1]
no script
No formulas
BusinessWiki Yes Visual editing, Folders and tags, Easy PDF document creating, Backups mechanisms, Multiple feeds allowing to track information and notify about changes (RSS, mail, mobile web), Comprehensive user guide, Compatibility with MediaWIki (database standard, wiki-text) and Open-source version for your safety. Each site gets a subdomain on MediaWiki English WikiText, HTML
Central Desktop Yes Access control, full-text search, calendaring, single sign-on to multiple projects, project templates, RSS enabled. [?] (custom) HTML,[1]
No formulas
ClearWiki Yes Private secure wikis (with sub-domains) - each wiki has own physical database. File storage, version control, full text search (incl docs/files), to-do lists, RSS enabled, blogs, discussions, image galleries (with thumbnailing), meta-tagging (labelling), content starring, teams/groups. [?] (custom) English only Some HTML,[1]
Confluence Hosted Yes Wiki markup language, plugins, SSL, file storage, permissioning, WebDAV. HTML plugin
script plugin
No formulas
CustomerVision BizWiki Yes Access control, page templates, domain mapping, solution templates include Sales Support, and Learning Support. [?] (custom)
EditMe Subscription-based, SSL Encryption, and Custom Domain Support. Java-based (custom) All HTML,[1]
No formulas ? Unlimited pages and users (but no longer upload of photos[119]), wiki spam protection, 25MB of file upload space, and RSS feeds. Apparently allows free wikis to profit from Google AdSense[120]. MediaWiki 1.15.1 Some HTML,[1]
No formulas
eTouch SamePage Yes Project management, permissioning, administration and support for multiple domains. eTouch CMS (custom, powered by)
GROU.PS SuperWiki Yes Secure SSL encrypted login, Advanced Privacy and Moderation Settings, Revisions, Real-Time Chat (optional), RSS & Email Alerts for your group members, Categories (Subfolders), Wiki Comments (optional), Multilingual; all texts customizable, Unlimited file upload space, Domain masking, Customizable templates. [?] (custom) English, French, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Swedish and extensible All HTML Yes Java server pages, scripts and plugin wiki options for school administrators and teachers that provide parental information resources WikiText and HTML editing, metasearch, factoring, permissioning, SSL Encryption, Private Intranet implementation with public integration administration and support. JSPWiki
Hive Wiki ? WikiText and HTML editing, metasearch, factoring, permissioning, administration and support for multiple domains and publicly creatable subdomains .NET-based (custom)
HOAwiki Yes Hosted and supported TikiWiki CMS/groupware. [121] TikiWiki 2.2 (last stable) Multilingual to 30 languages HTML, Smarty code, javascript
Intodit Yes WYSIWYG editing only, custom page hierarchies, Comment and Reply forums, group rating, layout templates, keyword search, tags, skins, RSS, profiles, activity report, No changes preview. Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari. [?] (custom) No HTML,[1]
Unknown script
No formulas
Miraheze Yes, if requested. Ad Free. Sharing user accounts with all individual wikis. Customizable by individual wiki managers if requested to system admins. Will be closed automatically if the wiki is not edited for six months. Mediawiki 1.28.1 English.(Meta/Phabricator), Various on Individual Wikis. Standard Mediawiki Syntax. User CSS and User JS enabled via user preferences.
MojWiki ? In Slovenian language. MoinMoin Slovenian
MyFreeWiki Yes Easy and Fast, plaintext editors available. Integrated photo gallery. Enzym (custom) English and French All HTML, Javascript
Netcipia Yes Blog, public and private wiki, 2GB per wiki created, no time limit, right management XWiki English only All HTML,
No math
nexdo (formerly Partnertext) Yes WYSIWYG HTML editing [?] (custom) All HTML,[1]
unknown script
No formulas
Oddwiki ? Oddmuse
On-wiki Yes Attachments, multimedia, writing formulaes, plotting graphs, raw HTML MoinMoin
OpenTeams Yes 3-pane drag-and-drop Ajax-based interface similar to email and newsfeed readers, private secure wiki spaces (including invitation-only and a domain security option based on validated email domains, i.e. "Everybody with"), tags, blog, bliki, "What's New" views, draft autosaving, discussion, attachments with version history, SSL, unlimited spaces, pages, edits, versions, storage, and bandwidth. [?] (custom) Yes It offers freely a wide collection of services for multi-purpose free/libre projects (not only free software: free knowledge), including wikis, mailing lists, forums, FTP, subdomains, hosting, ddbb, email alias, backups, CVS/SVN, Task management... MoinMoin Supports English, Spanish, French, and many other languages.
PAUX Password-protected wikis on No page limits, SSL, picture gallery included. [?] (custom) Some HTML,[1]
unknown script
Math formulas
PBwiki Password-protected wikis on subdomain (higher-level paid plans allow use of a custom URL). No page limits, SSL, RSS & Atom, ZIP backups, diffs, six wiki "skins", file uploads, page hiding, page locking. Over 490,000 wikis hosted. One level of folders used to organize pages. Folder- and page-level access controls available to paying customers and business users. Free accounts limited to 10 MB, paying accounts get up to 10 GB. [?] (custom) All HTML,[1]
LaTeX formulas
ProjectForum [?] (custom) Optional HTML,
unknown script
No formulas[1]
ProjectLocker Focused on providing software development tools as a service. Wiki features include Unlimited document storage, Custom access profiles for partners, customers, and managers, Support for attachments on documents, Privacy Commitment - Your Data is Yours Alone, Secure access via SSL, RAID 1 redundant storage of all data, Nightly backups, 24/7 Server Monitoring [?] (custom)
Referata No A semantic wiki hosting site. Uses MediaWiki, along with Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions, to enable wikis to serve as collaborative databases, with custom forms, result tables, calendars, maps, etc. Free wikis are limited to 100 MB of uploaded file storage; there is no limit on the size of the wiki text. Every wiki gets a subdomain of, although some paid service levels also allow for custom domains. [122] MediaWiki 1.25.0 Dozens of languages, although help pages are mostly in English Standard MediaWiki scripting, math formulas Line document collaboration service and Wiki farm MoinMoin
Russian wiki community negotiatable MediaWiki 1.5.8 UTF-8/Russian Some HTML,[1]
Math formulas
SeedWiki Yes cross-platform WYSIWYG editing, stylesheets,, wiki-mode, subscriptions; paid option for having one's own domain that the wiki-owner can tag on to his wiki [?] (custom) All HTML,[1]
JavaScript and Seedwiki widgets
Plugin formulas
ShoutWiki No With advertisement. Sharing user accounts with all individual wikis. Customizable by individual wiki managers if requested to system admins. MediaWiki 1.28.1 English.(Meta/Phabricator), Various on Individual Wikis.
SnoutHold Cospire Yes Permissions, public/private security models, ratings, feedback mechanisms, search engine, category organizer, profiles [?] (custom)
Socialtext Workspace Yes Enterprise Wiki. Supports text, rich text, embedded images, video, and attachments (including from email). Derived from Kwiki
Swirrl Yes Text pages, data sets (with spreadsheet-like user interface), permissions, public/private pages, versioning, searching, tags Custom Enter content in many languages, user interface in English In Chinese DokuWiki Chinese
ViaWiki Yes Free version is ad-supported, paid version has option of using own domain, attach files, no limit on number of pages and backups, max 5GB (paid version)[123] Deki Wiki
Wetpaint Yes WYSIWYG editing only, custom page hierarchies, Comment and Reply forums with comment ratings, access control, keyword search, tags, tag filtering, skins, RSS, page locking, profiles, site activity report, page and comment watching. No page permission settings. No changes preview. Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox. Java-based (custom) No HTML,[1]
Unknown script
No formulas Yes Access control, full-text search (including file attachments), document management, light project management, database, project templates, RSS enabled, stores in XML, Deki Wiki a full featured engine (a MediaWiki fork). Free account 50 MB. Paid account ($99/yr) 1 GB. Deki Wiki
Wikia No Wiki hosting service created in 2004, formerly known as Wikicities. All wikis have common login and preferences. Single sign-on to multiple projects. Database download available. Creation of a wiki is subject to approval; must have a large potential audience and be likely to attract enough editors. Projects which overlap existing Wikia or Wikimedia are not accepted. No means to close an inactive wiki, even if the community has moved elsewhere. Wikia domains, names, and identifiers owned by Wikia Inc, not the respective communities; in a recent change of policies, all communities are being migrated to subdomains. There is also a "Scratchpad" wiki subdivided into categories, which welcomes all content. MediaWiki 1.13.2 All languages Wikipedia exists for (and some more); Community Support in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. Some HTML,[1]
Math formulas
Wikidot Each site gets a subdomain on (like Also there is possibility to map a custom domain (like -- if previously registered by the wiki owner) for free. One can optionally allow Wikidot to display ads on their wiki and get 80% of revenue. RSS import/export, private RSS feeds for Users (notifications and watched items), RSS for page changes and forum, customizable themes (every item can be styled with CSS), advanced forum for each Site. Custom page hierarchies, searching, advanced page (full/section/append) edit locking, blocking users and IP addresses. Private messages between users. Uses Ajax for clean and fast (no browser page-reload) interface. SEO-friendly. No limits on site size. Public and private wikis. Lots of widgets, that allow to embed a video from YouTube, GoogleVideo, photos from Flickr, chats from Meebo and many more). Each user can create up to 20 wiki sites and be a member of an unlimited number of wikis. Modified Text_Wiki engine English, Polish, Russian and Community support in French, German, ... more to come. No HTML,[1]
CSS styling
LaTeX math formulas
WikiFree Yes Customer Support, technical staff, shared login, anti-spam measures, creating your own wiki, namespaces, social features, importing a wiki MediaWiki 1.25.3 All languages Wikipedia exists for (and some more); Community Support in English and Tagalog Some HTML, JavaScript, math formulas 100 MB space, File and Image upload, User authentication, Private wikis, Subdomains for wikis larger than 30 pages, RSS, Edit locking, Fulltext search, Email notifications, Complete wiki export, Unlimited pages, Unlimited Revisions, Diff function, Revert of old revisions GeboGebo Yes Wiki farm with unlimited pages and users, wiki spam protection, user rights control for paid accounts. Interface in 150 languages. A free * domain is offered. Google text-ads added to the right sidebar for free accounts. MediaWiki 1.11.0 English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and over 70 other languages. Some HTML,[1]
Math formulas
Wikispaces Yes Clean easy to use interface, users get a subdomain on Free version supported by Google ads - Wikispaces ads can be turned off for a fee. No limits on numbers of pages, spaces, or members. Full RSS support; easy space backups in zip and tgz. Blog import function/ integration with and Typepad. Themes and stylesheets can be customized. Private label service available. [?] (custom) Optional HTML,[1]
Unknown script
Math formulas
Wiki Spot No advertising, user accounts work on all wikis, use bookmarks and track changes across multiple wikis. Customizable CSS by wiki and user CSS. Simple, intuitive syntax. No limits on pages/disk space. RSS feeds available on all pages. Easy to create a wiki and configure settings. Sycamore Features complete back-end control with full FTP and Cpanel access. Initially 1GB storage and 10GB bandwidth. Install any wiki script. Add unlimited custom templates, add-ons, and plugins. Free domain names for popular wikis. MediaWiki or User Chosen No advertising on user accounts, unlimited custom skins, AJAX enhanced tabbed interface WikyBlog (custom) UTF-8 with English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Spanish and Korean Some HTML,[1]
No script
No math
XWiki custom skin, unlimited users XWiki All HTML,[1]
No formulas
Wiki farm WYSIWYG editing Features Wiki engine Multilingual support Syntax support

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