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TAO Handbook
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TAO Handbook[edit source]

Handbook Overview
Welcome to the Handbook
How to Contribute to the Handbook
Description of the Idea
Examples of Users and Communities
Background Information
Target Groups of Online Communities
(N)Onliners and Offliners
Fostering Older Adults' Online Participation
Older Adults and Online Communities
Working with Volunteers
What is and Online Community?
TAO Survey Among Older Adults - Wave 1
Initiation and Meaningful Use
Facebook Activities
Free Cruise on the Internet
Online Learning Activities
Silver Knowledge
Silver Knowledge: Comparison of Different Locations
Silver Knowledge: Information for Cooperation Partners
Wikimedia Seniors' Outreach
Online Co-Creation
SeniorWeb NL's Online Contact Services
Activities at
Online tools
Online Tools
Online Collaboration
Web Conferencing
General Conditions
Public Relations
Communities of Practice
Business Models
Sponsorship and Fundraising
Methods and Practical Tools
Co-Creation with Older Persons
Methods for Cooperation and Seminars
Problem-oriented access
You have a problem with motivating members?
You don't know how to fund your community?
You#d like advice on how to work with volunteers?