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The Birthing Of God fellowship is a multicultural fellowship of economically diverse coalition of Christian pastors that recognize the need for covenant fathering.The goal is the building of covenant fellowship that will establish spiritual leadership. The aim of T.B.O.G. is to become a birthing ground that cultivates potential and fulfills destiny.The Birthing Of God fellowship parents the anointing through God-Centered direction, strengthening Pastors by impartation and iron-sharpening-iron dynamics. T.B.O.G. promotes interdependency while encouraging the maintenance of distinct, independent identities. It is a forum for strong networking and it establishes strong relationships by inviting and accepting diverse ethnic backgrounds and experiences. As in all things, the fellowship is committed to conducting all forms of communications above reproach with the highest integrity one towards another! Bishop J. L. Mathis is the presiding Bishop and Overseer of The Birthing Of God International Fellowship. His purpose is to preach and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all mankind so that they may be reconciled back to God. To show forth the relevance of Jesus Christ in the lives of men and women today. To prepare God called men and women for spiritual service in T.B.O.G. and in other Christian ministries internationally. This purpose is implemented through doctrinal teachings of empowerment and principles of preaching for spiritual growth and development for practical preparation in ministry for the sole purpose of changing the lives of individuals for the glory of God.