Chemical process principles

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Material balances:

Fundamentals; Batch and flow processes, Steady-flow and unsteady processes, material balance calculations for single-unit and multiple-unit processes, material balance for reactive and non-reactive systems, processes with recycle and/or bypass with or without purge, material balance for combustion reactions, unsteady-state and transient processes.

Energy balances:

Introduction to energy balances, energy balances on closed and open systems - the steady-flow energy equation, mechanical energy balances, tables of thermodynamic data. Energy balances on nonreactive processes - state properties and hypothetical process paths employed for their estimation, energy balances for phase change operations, heat of mixing and heat of solution - energy balance for mixing and dissolution processes.

Energy balances on reactive processes - heats of reaction, measurement and calculation of heats of reaction - Hess's Law, formation reactions and Heats of Formation, Heats of Combustion, Energy balances for combustion reactions - adiabatic reaction temperature, theoretical flame temperature. Combined material and energy balances including some typical industrial problems. Unsteady state material and energy balances.