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CAL4INO(Creative Activities in Learning for Innovation)[edit | edit source]


Introduction[edit | edit source]

CAL4INO proposes to investigate the role of creative learning activities to enhance innovation. using as its frame of reference that people as teams, not lone “geniuses”, develop meaningful innovations by blending design, technology and business through creative activities synthesizing diverse perspectives, experiences and skills. This study focuses on universities and their pivotal role in the modern “knowledge society” (Lisbon Strategy) as clusters and ecosystems for fostering creativity and innovation. In contrast to previous research, CAL4INO uses an interdisciplinary systems approach to identify specific conditions and factors that enable, or inhibit, creative innovation considering socio-cultural dimensions and human aspects across multiple sectors and industries. Existing evidence on entrepreneurial learning and enterprise will be extended to more universal creative learning for innovation at technical, social and institutional levels. CAL4INO leverages internationally recognized programs to develop training modules for creativity and innovation and measurement instruments to benchmark outcomes through pan-European pilot demonstrations in 6 countries with appropriate localization for language, socio-cultural and context factors. Surveys will assess needs and impact of creativity competencies on innovation. The proposed research will generate the first statistical data of its kind to support recommendations for policy discussions and development based on outputs including validated research methodologies, training modules and best practices handbook. Complementing conventional valorization methods, CAL4INO will launch a peer-reviewed journal supported with Web 2.0 social networks for sustainable organic growth. This page will disseminate the findings and results from CAL4INO for the benefit of the global community.



The research reports, handbooks and manuals created during the CAL4INO project activities will be added here for public dissemination and exploitation.