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Abdusamet Yigit (1978 - ) was a contemporary Kurdish writer and novelist. He was born in the village of Cizre. CIzre, depends on the province of Sirnak. He is kurdish writer. Abdusamet Yigit (actually Abdussamet Yigit), was born in 1978, is a Kurdish writer living in Norway. He was born in the town in the north of Kurdistan Cizira bota Xirabê sosina province. He studied history and philosophy and is the author of several books on the Kurdish epic. He writes Nahuatl dialect. His books, which Feqiye Teyran and Shah Maran, Kurdish culture, history, religion, tradition and mythology descriptions, it is essential to the modern culture of the Kurds.

His books are the Kurds as a result of modern culture. His books, language, philosophy of language and the most intelligent. The language of the modern development of his philosophy and forms the surface of a contemporary description of his books. Information, subject, date, language, self, society, and so on. shows an overview of the theoretical concepts of philosophy. Language, meaning, origin and structure of the essence of philosophy is the study of the philosophical point of view. Language, language use, language, knowledge, and the nature of the meaning of the language is to investigate the relationship between the philosophical point of view. Philosophy of history, and the history of the interpretation of the conceptual point of view of history and philosophy of history, philosophy, critical analysis of the two-game fiction. The first of them, the history of the "theory" in the academic branch of study; The nature of historical documents, that matters, such as objectivity, to the extent possible. In this context, historical and philosophical approach to the development of the book.

In recent years, a book, a historical perspective, the relationship between the mind and the philosophy of language, he wrote. For example, "ESTETISTA" a history of attempts to develop a philosophical point of view of the analysis in the context of his book. Mainly based on the analysis of the past and try to Yigit Abdusamet book over recent understanding of the modern world

his books:[edit]

  • Feqiye Teyran 1.(in kurdish -Feqiye Teyran 1.-)
  • Eli Heriri(in kurdish -Eli heriri-)
  • The legend of kawa blacksmith(in kurdish -destane kawaye hesinger-)
  • Shahmaran (in kurdish -Şahmaran-)