Autism spectrum/Thimerosal and Autism?

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Thimerosal causes autism because of Thimerosal's high Mercury content which is a neurotoxin

Points Autism is triggered by mercury toxicity which is caused by Thimerosal. Autism presents symptoms similar to those of mercury toxicity. There is a higher toxicity of mercury in those who have autism compared to those who do not have autism.

Rationale Ethyl mercury, a component of Thimerosal, can cause lesions on the spinal cord, as well as on the skeletal muscles and myocardium. Mercury poisoning effects the central nervous system as well as specific sites of the brain.

Bias Paper was written before the Government took out Thimerosal from the MMR vaccine. Paper was written in 2003, making it a little outdated and more papers have been written about the causes of autism since then.