Attack Of The Drones!

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supported by the University of Westminster
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SPIR608 Political Simulation and Gaming is BA Politics Level 5 Optional Module at the University of Westminster

Attack of the Drones! is designed and created by Camlo Kalandra and [user:Chris]


Attack of the drones is an asymmetrical combat game in which players take on either the role of America’s ever expanding drone fleet or the role of the Taliban and Al Qaeda militants of the tribal Waziristan area.

Attack of the Drones! draws attention to the ten year long campaign of drone strikes in countries as diverse as Yemen, Somalia and in particular Pakistan. It questions both the legality and morality of the American efforts to eradicate Al Qaeda militants and their allies, while at the same time shedding light on the counter-drone “human shield” strategies the organization has developed in response to American attacks.

Under the Obama administration, drone strikes have increased six-fold, and have included the assassination of an American citizen - Anwar al-Awlaki. The asymmetrical nature of the opposing forces in the game demonstrates starkly the moral deficit of using the world’s most advanced technology against some of the most impoverished and under developed regions of the globe.

As demonstrated by Guy De Bord’s game of war, the two level nature of the Attack of the Drones! confronts the user not only with on-going military struggles but is also forced to confront the reality of the development of drone technology and its application for civilian and domestic policing at home. They are thus prepared for the upcoming emancipatory struggle against the prospect of cybernetic capitalism.


- 1 112 hex board

- 12 Militant minatures (4 civillian, 8 regular)

- 4 Drones (3 attack, 1 scout)

- 5 American base markers + 1 Tribal village and 1 American drone staging area marker

- Base flags

- 1 six sided die


Coming soon

Development blog:[edit]

Alpha: The first iteration of the game which involved a standard square based grid board with both sides facing each other in a traditional chess style board set-up.

'Beta: Featured a number of improvements from playtesting including a new hex based board which featured terrain bonuses, a more randomised and asymmetrical game set up to facilitate both thematic and core gameplay improvements, as well as improvements to game components to improve their stability and aesthetics.