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This is part of the School of Engineering, and the Practical Arts and Sciences developing as a practicum for learning within a computer science program.


Computer Science can be an intimidating field of study. This practicum seeks to meet learners where they are with an array of interesting topics and lessons that can bring them to where they wish to go with computing in general. Everyone that uses and edits Wikiversity is involved in Applied Computer Science whether they are aware of it or not. Below is a growing catalog of learning groups, materials, lessons and resources selected as tracks for expanding computing knowledge while participating in worthwhile practical projects.

Learning groups and projects[edit]

The School of Computer Science is the host of this practicum. These are only a few of the learning groups there:

Many of these Computer Science learning groups need participants and contributors. As you follow your own CS track, feel free to contribute what you can to topics and lessons that appeal to you.

Note: See Wikiversity:Naming conventions for more information. You may also want to look over Introduction to Wiki and Wiki 101 if you are uncomfortable creating and editing pages.


Learning materials[edit]

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Computer science programs:

Wikiversity the Movie:

Wikiversity translations:

Other external resources:

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