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Get the inspiration of the angels. They want to guide you to inner peace, love, wisdom and happiness. Interpret the oracle as makes sense for you. Find the angel you need today. Basically, the Angle oracle is a game which helps us toward positive principles of life and strategies of wisdom.

The Angle oracle book consists of 31 single oracle statements. Here they appear numbered so that they can be found via a random generator. Simply enter numbers 1 through 31 and click on generate. You can also write the oracle numbers on several small pieces of paper or create your own oracle cards, mix the cards, and then select a paper from the stack. You can print and play it with friends (left). You can download the Angel oracle as a PDF (left), send it to your friends as a christmas gift or use it as a christmas calendar.

---> Basic version December 2011 download in various formats (PDF, Epub, Kindle) for reading and give away.

Angel of Wisdom[edit]

Little angel guided by wisdom

1. December = Take the Path of Truth and Wisdom. The Angel of Wisdom. It is important to teach yourself to think thoughts of peace, love and happiness because positive thoughts lead to positive emotions. Positive emotions make the body healthy and the spirit joyful. In order to integrate positive living as a permanent element into your existence do physical and mental exercises such as Yoga, running, swimming and meditating. Become an angel of happiness. Forward with small steps. Success. What is today your way of wisdom? "Wise is ... unwise is ..."

Angel Meditation

1. Visualize on your left side the Blue Angel of power. He holds a stick in his hand. What tells you your angel of power today? " Forward with power. Achieve your goals. Be a winner in your life. "

2. Visualize behind youself your angel of peace. What is his color? He gives you what thought? "Accept the reality as it is. Let your false desires go off. Abandon yourself to the will of God. Flow positive with your life. "

3. Visualize on your right side the angel of joy. He wears a yellow dress and holds two flowers high in his hands. What does the angel of joy tell you today? "Concentrate on the positives in your life. Bring so much joy in your day that you can go your way positive. My act of joy is today ... ".

4. Visualize in front of you your angel of love. He wears a pink dress and holds a big heart in his hand. What positive thought gives you the angel of love? "Dedicate your life to the goal of a happy world. Live the love and the love is living with you."

5. Rub your palms on each other in front of your heart chakra. Turn your world into a paradise. What thought will help you to see your world as a paradise? What is your positive thought today?

Angel of Peace[edit]

Angel of Peace

2. Find Inner Peace. Get adequate relaxation which should consist of the right mix of meditation and recreation, taking breaks to simply calm down and enjoy a quiet moment for oneself. The angel of peace. What do you want to accept into your life? What do you want let go of? "I accept ... I release ..." Which idea helps you to come to inner peace right now?

Solve your emotional problems

In every life there is pain, loss, illness, loneliness and death. We have no claim to a long life still to be spared by fate. What is your pain today?

The problem: Describe briefly your situation and your problem. How exactly is your situation? What is the problem? Where is the center of the problem?

The Emotions: What are the feelings in you? Fear, anger, addiction / desire, grief. What feeling is strongest? Where is the feeling sitting in your body?

The thoughts: What thoughts are connected with your feelings? Why are you sad, anxious, angry or longing? Count all your stressful thoughts down. (My thoughts are ...)

Thinking: What triggers your problem? What is the way out of your problem? What brings you to love, fulfillment, satisfaction? Think about your problem for so long, until you find a solution. Think about different solutions. Collect all the information you need.

Implementation: Follow your positive thoughts. Fulfil your positive life plan. Avoid meaningless brooding. Now is the time to realize powerful. Go your way to victory. "My positive sentence is ...."

Angel of Power[edit]

Chapel of our Lady of the Rosary of Santi Giovanni e Paolo (Venice) - St Michael Vanquishing the Devil.jpg

3. The Angel of Power. Self-discipline is your key to success. Stay On Your Personal path of Truth and Wisdom. What are your goals? What is the way in which you reach your goals? How do you become a winner in life? Get the victory!!

The existence of God

Wolfgang: "How can you justify your presumption that God exists?"

Nils: "I have seven arguments:

The statements of the enlightened. They see God as light in the world in the form of love, peace, and happiness. God is a term for the perception of the enlightened. Every real religion establishes itself around an enlightened master. Every real religion has a word for God, (Tao, Nirvana, Brahman, Allah, Yahwe).

The near death research refers to the independence of the soul from the body and the continued existence of the soul after death. Wikipedia supports my view on these things. At the same time, Wikipedia also brings up the arguments of the opposition. Everyone can read the discussion there. The most important witness is Pam Reynolds. She has seen the light of God in the afterlife, and learned that there is a paradise area. She has also demonstrated that her otherworldly experience was real. She heard the doctors during her out-of-body experience and could reproduce exactly the conversation later on. The gauges showed during her out-of-body experience that her brain could not think. There were no brain waves. And yet she has heard the conversation. Pam Reynolds could have heard the conversation of the doctors only with her soul. Her ears were stoppered while the operation.

Reincarnation research has referred to many cases of rebirth. Buddha knew his earlier lives. A good overview on reincarnations research can be found on Wikipedia. The most important and well researched case is Shanti Devi.

Physics refers to the existence of a higher cosmic information field (Amit Goswami, God as higher consciousness). The string theory supports this point of view.

Parapsychology researches spiritual abilities such as thought transfer, the ability to see into the future, and to perceive and sense over large distances. This field has collected many cases of aforementioned topics.

Scientific happiness research has proven the context between enlightenment, peace, happiness, and love. They have recognized the principles which lead to a happy life. They have researched Matthieu Ricard as an enlightened person.

I live as a Yogi. I have been in various states of enlightenment. I have seen God as light in the world, and as happiness, love, peace, and truth in myself. I maintain that enlightenment and God exist. I maintain that it is better and happier to be enlightened than unenlightened. I maintain that it is good to live in God."

Angel of the Good News[edit]

Angel Gabriel the messenger

4. The Angel of the good news. When you have something wonderful, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with others and the happiness will increase for all. Then you'll transform your world into a paradise. Share the abundance in your life with other people. How can you make the people around you happy? Success. "I send light to ... May all people be happy. May the world be happy."

Stop religious fights, get peace, love and happiness. It is possible!!

Klaus: If there is God, there is also truth. I am searching for this truth because it’s important for me to understand the similarities and differences among the religions, and as such it is also important to take those differences seriously.

Nils: There is only one truth. There is only one God. But this God is not comprehensible for unenlightened people. God can be described with words like love, peace, truth, happiness, and light, but those are words which cannot replace the experience of God. The main way to reach this experience of God is to do the corresponding exercises and activities of one’s respective religion consistently and with wisdom (with real feeling and emotions). Everyone must find the way which is correct for him or her in order to proceed spiritually.

Klaus: Of course differnt religions can meditate together, but that doesn’t get rid of the differences, meditating together doesn’t lead to the transcendental experience which brings everyone to the same God.

Nils: If we really comprehend what God is, then every religion will come to the same God. Every religion can practice its own rituals, but we should also find ways to practice spiritually together. Meditation is a good way toward this goal, as well as praying, singing, and celebrating together. When meditating, everyone may use their own understanding of God, their own term for God. When we deeply experience our understanding of God, every term or word for God will lead to inner peace and all-encompassing love. I wish for a world of love and peace, and not a world of so-called holy war, or wars over religion. I wish for the various religions to stop fighting one another but that they love and support each other.

Angel of Happiness[edit]

Two angels walk into the light of God.

5. The Angel of Happiness. Strengthen your inner happiness. Come into the light with your spiritual practices. Do yoga, take walks, go running, do thought work and meditation. Concentrate on the positive in your life. What is your deed of happiness today? Success.

Have a Happy Relationship

In any relationship both partners should be very sensitive to their special way to find a happy relationship. And to consistently pursue the long term. Happiness research (Arnold Lazarus, John Gottman) has investigated how relationships work in the long term. The most important rules are: 1. A good relationship takes work. It is a false belief that one can let go completely at home. It takes some effort to make a relationship succeed.

2. Live yourself and your needs so that you feel good in thee. Do not work too much.

3. Avoid too much criticism. Make criticism factual, sensitive and at the right moment. The basic rule for a relationship is to find at least 2 or 3 opportunities for praise for every 1 critical comment. John Gottman's research concludes there should be only1 critical comment for every 5 other comments.

4. Avoid cutting off your partner too often when he expresses his wishes. Say yes as often as is possible.

5. Solve conflicts constructively. Clarify the precise factual situation. Think about different solutions. Finde the good common ground. 6. Regularly spend time doing activities that give you and your partner pleasure. For example, sex, dining, travel, excursions and a common hobby.

7. Gladden your partner regularly with a little attention. For example, flowers, small gifts, hugs and affection. Tell him that you love him. Take him in your arms. Rejoice with positive words and gestures.

8. Avoid things that your partner does not like. Work on your own negative characteristics.

9. Fortify yourself adequately against negative behavior from your partner (for example tantrums, violations of positive life principles). Do not reward negative behavior. Stay in an neutral frame of mind or say "No".

10. Be a good team. A good relationship is based on teamwork. A good team has a common goal. It knows its way to success.

11. Be gentle with each other. Stay out of the way, if you are aggressive. Be calm and peaceful before you communicate with your partner. Be more gentle than aggressive. Love grows on the basis of non-violence, kindness, wisdom and gentleness.

12. Compliment each other. Men love admiration. Women love gestures of affection.

13. Be honest with each other. Live in truth. Truth is the basis of every good relationship.

14. Anchor your relationship with a positive principle. Find a suitable name for this higher principle. Call it happiness, love, truth, spirituality, enlightenment or living in God. Connect yourselves regularly in all beautiful and in all difficult situations with your higher principle. Live in the center of your relationship from your higher principle.

15. Forgive one another your faults. Love means being able to forgive. Love means being able to apologize.

16. Have patience. Love means having patience.

17. Do not demand too much from your partner or from life. "Anyone who cannot limit his wishes becomes permanently unhappy. Who does not know his point of satisfaction will never be satisfied" (Epicurus).

18. Take your partner as he is. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. No man is perfect. Love means to love your partner with his weaknesses. Accept the weaknesses in yourself, then you can accept the weaknesses in your fellow man.

19. The main happiness of a person comes from himself. Important for a lasting happiness are daily spiritual exercises such as yoga, walking, reading, reflection (introspection), positive thinking (cognitive work) and meditation.

20. They who wish the happiness of all beings grow in their own happiness. This is the highest spiritual wisdom.

The deepest secret of happiness is to live in existence (in the peace, serenity, in God) and to give love to all people. Both partners have to care good for their own inner happiness (health exercises, relaxation exercises) and to live mainly out of the giving. So we get happy relationships and grow at the same time in our own inner happiness. In the picture we see two angels. They grow through love and joy into the light.

Saint Nicholas[edit]

Saint Nicholas

6. Oh Happy Day. St. Nicholas has come. What gift has he brought you? Recognize the gifts in your life. See the grace in your life. The highest grace is to know the spiritual path and to practice consistently. Be thankful for what you have been blessed with.

My experience of Jesus Christ

Nils: "My parents are atheists. After my studies, I became a lawyer. When I was thirty, I found my spiritual calling in addition to my profession. I did three hours of spiritual exercise daily. In November 1986 I had my first big enlightenment experience. During a meditation while lying down, a warm column of energy slowly rose from my lower belly. As the energy reached my head, my self-consciousness disappeared, I became one with the all-encompassing love of the cosmos. I experienced extreme happiness. I was suddenly able to understand the holy books written throughout mankind's history at a deeper level.

The high point of my spiritual experience was what I felt as the entrance of the Holy Spirit. A thick beam of energy flew from the sky and into my crown chakra. The energy flowed through my body and filled it out completely. On my head was a small flame of energy. This experience is comparable with the Pentecost event. On the heads of the early Christians appeared small energy tongues. Spontaneously arose in me the thought that now I have been blessed by the Holy Spirit. I felt the energy beam as a descent of the Holy Spirit.

A short time later I had another amazing experience. When I made my daily walk one evening, I suddenly had the feeling that I was seen from the sky. It was as if at the sky there was a large eye that saw me. The message of this eye was: "You can go your way with trust. You are guided by God." I read the Bible thoroughly from front to back. Through my experiences of enlightenment I could now understand the deep wisdom in the Scriptures. I also understood what the term "God" did mean.

One day I layed on my bed and meditated. My thoughts always came to rest more and more. Suddenly Jesus Christ stood as a great shining light in the middle of the room. Back then I lived for six years as a hermit in seclusion. I knew immediately that this luminary was Jesus Christ. Jesus came to me and floated into me. I was filled with bliss. I rested for some time in this unimaginably large energy of love, peace and light."

Guardian Angel[edit]

Guardian angel

7. Do not give up, in spite of all the difficulties. Your Guardian angel is with you. Stay true to your goals, "My goals are ... (happiness, living in the light, helping to create a happy world)." Great success awaits you. Your path is blessed.

The religion of the future

Ulla: What is about the reformation of the church?

Nils: However, it must honestly say that the Evangelical Church has implemented all the reforms called for by the Catholic Church and in spite of that is suffering from great loss of members. The main problem is the loss of faith in today's world.

Ulla: Yes, people no longer believe.

Nils: The Pope also pointed this out. Unfortunately he has no remedy for this.

Ulla: For both of us it's easy!

Nils: We combine science with real experience of God, and humor. This should be the belief of the future.

Ulla: Yes.

Nils: I think that more and more people will find this way. Simply because it is the way of today's scientific thinking time.

Ulla: This is also my hope.

Nils: What is the center of the faith? After Jesus love for God and love of the neighbor (all beings). I interpret this statement by Jesus, that love for God is the love to the spiritual goal (to the spiritual practice, to oneself). The love of the neighbor includes the path of universal love, the love of the poor (suffering) and building up a happy world.

Mother Mary[edit]

Mother Mary

8. Mother Mary. Day of grace. Grace comes from wise living. Do At Least Three Minutes of Spiritual Exercises Every Day. You can think about your life (self-reflection), meditate, consult an oracle , read a spiritual book, pray or meditate. Consistency is the way to victory. Without perseverance and consistency, there is no breakthrough into the light.

Compassion and suffering with others

Ulla: I just talked with a girlfriend about the difficult subject of pity and compassion.

Nils: Compassion is an important spiritual quality.

Ulla: Her sister always makes the same mistake again, to take the same kind of man that is not doing her well.

Nils: Learning from mistakes is good. This creates wisdom.

Ulla: My girlfriend empathizes too much with her sister.

Nils: Man / woman must be able to delimit oneself from the suffering of others. Otherwise one gets broken.

Ulla: Compassion is good. Pain is not good.

Nils: I do not like to separate between compassion and pain. I also sometimes suffer with the suffering people. But I can always rebuild myself and bring me into the inner balance.

Ulla: Some things cannot be solved. This must be recognized.

Nils: It is not good for anyone if you get sick out of compassion.

Ulla: Right!

Nils: Formerly I could not delimit well enough from the suffering of others. A wife in my positive thinking group had cancer. I was very taken.

Ulla: I understand that. So is my girlfriend now.

Nils: It's an art to maintain the right balance. I manage it through meditation and positive thinking. It is important always listen to your inner voice. I call it the voice of wisdom. Wisdom to me is the connection between mind and inner feelings. It is important to me always to be in good contact with myself.

Master of Life[edit]

God as Father, Son (Jesus) and Angels (Holy Spirit)

9. See yourself as a master of life. You possess the knowledge of true inner happiness and of embracing love. So you can give a significant contribution toward creating a happy world. What is your spiritual task in your world? How can you share your spiritual knowledge to others? The Christian doctrine of the Trinity defines God as three divine persons: the Father (God), the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit (the energy of the angels). The Holy Spirit is with you. Success.

How to learn positive thinking?

Nils: Positive thinking leads to positive emotions. Positive emotions make the body healthy and the soul happy. What is your technique to go through life positively?

Sabrina: You can write down every day some things that are beautiful. Thus one will become positive.

Woman: You feel good by yourself if you're doing something good for others.

Star Woman: My positive thinking is to think: "Cheer up, do not let things get."

Jenny: In all, there is something good. You just have to find or recognize it only.

Monika: Stop negative thoughts. Tell you quite deliberately "stop - so not" if there are derogatory thoughts in you. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Helga: After the death of my husband I have made ​​one year "autogenic training". Since then, I can manage it to think positive.

David: Rest in yourself. Do not let yourself affected negatively by others.

Man: Do not take things too seriously. After the rain comes the sunshine. There is always a positive side within all events.

Matilda: It's all in God's hands. God loves me and I must not fear. What I can not change, I accept! Do not get mad! Do not allow anger.

Dana: I have always helped by the Bible and the religion. They have accompanied me all my life. I try to make my life so that I'm happy here. I strive to live in harmony with myself. I have got many negative things in my life. I'm a jack with a strong will to survive.


Paradise is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless. If God is in the center of life, inner happiness awakes. The world then can be seen as paradise.

10. Reach a life in the light. Recognize your world as a paradise. Developed your paradise consiousness. What thought will help you to feel your world as a paradise. "My paradise thought is ... (I have everything I need to be happy. Everything's fine how it is. I live in the essentials.)"

Paradise Meditation

We concentrate on our bodies and through this process bring the spirit into a state of peace. We sense this through our legs and feet as we let the light circulate through our lower limbs. We think of the word “light” as our mantra. We let the light then circulate through our arms and hands while envisioning the word “light”. We then wrap our entire bodies in a vision of light and think of the word at the same time. Then we relax.

We begin our ascent to heaven. First we enter the astral world. We become a soul. We then visualize a cloud composed of very fine energy which encircles the body. We are this cloud. We concentrate on the cloud and not our bodies. We leave the body and think of the mantra “I am a cloud. I am a soul. I am independent from my body.” We think of this mantra until we can feel this cloud.

We visualize the entire cosmos around us as full of stars. Our souls can travel anywhere they so desire. We meditate on the cosmos. We think of the mantra “stars”. We make large circles with the arms until we feel at one with the cosmos. We feel secure with our place in the world, we are at one with the world.

We land in the upper astral world, beyond the material cosmos. This is the world of positive souls. We become positive unto ourselves. We consider the positive points in our lives. We think of the mantra “Positive in my life is...” We count as many positive things as possible, until the soul is glowing with positivity.

Over the positive souls are the blessed souls. We are now in paradise. We imagine that all our wishes have been fulfilled. What do you wish? Fulfill them or let go of them here. Define the point where you have reached enough. Create contentment with your life. “My way to contentment is...”

Above the world of the happy souls lies the world of the enlightened. We become sons and daughters of God, Gods and Goddesses, enlightened Buddhas. We wish for a happy world. We envision the following: “I send light to... May all people be happy. May the world be a happy world.”

We move our hand to bless the entire cosmos with love and light. We move light into all areas of suffering. We send all suffering beings light. We surround them with light and think of the mantra “I send light to all suffering beings”. We think of all the problems in our lives and surround these problems with light. We integrate our problems into our life. We become masters of our lives. We surround all our life’s situations with light.

We come to the seventh heaven. We visualize a sun with strong energy composed of peace, love and happiness. The hands lay relaxed in the lap. We think of the mantra, “Sun, peace, love, happiness, light.“ We fill our souls with peace, love, happiness and light, and rest in the light of God (in bliss).

We connect ourselves with the Angels, Jesus or God. We rub the palms of our hands in front of the heart chakra and think, "Dear God (Om all enlightened Masters, Angels). Om inner wisdom. Please guide me and help me on my way.”

Angel of Change[edit]

Going from the darkness to the light (into a life in God).

11. The Angel of Change. Transformation. Big Change. What is today the change in your life? What you have to let go? What are your new goals? What is your way into the light? What is your way into a life of inner peace, love and happiness? Forward with perseverance. Success.

Talk about the efficacy of prayer

Rafa (atheist): You write: "The enlightened masters have said that prayer is important." I demand arguments! I believe that prayer doesn´t logically make sense. Do you now have understandable arguments against it?

Nils: When the enlightened masters say something, that is an argument for me. Due to their larger horizon they see more than we do. But that does not replace your own reflection. My way is to anchor myself primarily in my own wisdom.

I note: There is enlightenment. If there is enlightenment, there are also enlightened masters. We can imagine them as huge clouds of subtle consciousness energy. God is often pictured sitting on a cloud. This subtle energy is associated with feelings of peace, love, strength, happiness and clarity. An enlightened one can send his energy to other people. If a man needs strength, peace, love, happiness or wisdom (positive thoughts), an enlightened person can give it to him through the higher cosmic dimension. I have experienced this many times.

The basic problem now is that the greater the enlightenment, the stronger is the energy, but unfortunately the enlightened becomes more and more inactive. His inner peace and happiness are at a certain level is so much that he has little interest to act externally. He lives desireless in the great desirelessness (in existence). He is perfectly happy with his life in God. Epicurus sees the gods (enlightened) as completely at rest in themselves, who do not care about the world. And therefore prayer is important. Without prayer, the great trancendent masters remain rather inactive. If we call the enlightened ones with a prayer, then they can act. Their love enables them to act externally in spite of their inner peace . It is good to pray several times a day. The greater the emotional connection with an enlightened, the better he can help us.

The enlightened masters are through a higher dimension of consciousness one with our inner self. They send us their impulses through the voice of our own truth and wisdom. Therefore, it is emphasized in Christianity to hear always to the voice of conscience (the feeling of correctness). I always act out of my inner truth. So in the long run each soul finds his way into the light.

A prayer has two areas of impact. First, there is a appeal for help, and secondly it works as a mantra. A mantra is a spiritual technique that cleans ourselves internally and fills us with happiness energy. A mantra can be thought as often as you like. It brings us forward on the spiritual path. It builds up inside us positive energy. A good Christian mantra is the Lord's Prayer. It is very strong, if we combine it with a visualization (see Pater Noster at the beginning of the oracle).

Rafa: It is said of God, he would answer prayers, but when you pray, it's pure chance whether something happens.

Nils: Those who pray for selfish goals, only exceptionally gets a wish-fulfillment. But who prays for his enlightenment and for help on his way of all-embracing love, always gets help. But not always the way he wanted. Not in a way that he feels great, rather in a way that his ego dissolves. God lives in a dimension above our material cosmos. He is able to act that it seems to be happend by chance but it wasn´t.


God in a circle (cosmic consciousness)

12. The hidden master. You can keep your energy best if you live out the rest. Position yourself small, unobtrusive and modest. Talk only when it is necessary and helpful. Stay in your center (in God, in your spiritual exercises) and be a helper and healer of your people. Teach them to save themselves spiritually. Do little.

What is God?

The term God refers to a higher principle in the cosmos. This principle cannot be recognized by the ordinary dualistic mind. God is a mystery that one experiences in enlightenment. Of God can only said that it is good to live in God. It is better to be enlightened than not to be enlightened. Enlightenment (holiness, inner healing) is the deeper meaning of life. Enlightenment is inner peace, inner happiness and universal love to all beings.

Anyone who is enlightened, can see and feel God. He lives in God. He sees God as a kind of light that penetrates the entire world. He feels God as an energy around him and within him. He feels God as inner happiness, inner peace and inner strength. He realizes that he is in a higher truth, which can also be described as universal love. Spiritual enlightenment means to obtain a deep insight into the purpose of all things, to understand the mind of God, or to achieve a fundamentally changed level of existence whereby one's self is experienced as a nonchanging field of pure consciousness. Mysticism is the awareness of God through direct experience.

God is a mystery that can be described personal and impersonal. In Judaism, Christianity and Islam God is seen as an acting person. God is a supreme being, which can be addressed as a person and asked for help. Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism (Chinese philosophy) prefere the abstract concept of God. God is higher energy and a state of being. Although both definitions of God can be found in every major religion, one can still say Christianity is more commonly associated with the personal concept whereas Hinduism is more connected to the abstract point of view.

Realize that every true religion is based on the experience of enlightenment of its founder: the Judaism of Moses, Christianity of Jesus, Buddhism of Buddha, Hinduism of many enlightened. The center of a religion is enlightenment. Moses was enlightened, as he saw a shining (burning) bush after many years of a secluded life in the desert. He saw the light of God in the bush. Jesus became enlightened, after John the Baptist gave him the Enlightenment energy (kundalini energy). After this Jesus meditated 40 days in the desert. Then the devil (his ego) left him and the angels ministered to him (he was able to help with the enlightenment energy his fellow human beings). Buddha got enlightenment after six years as a yogi under the Bodhi tree. Mara (the devil) disappeared and Buddha rested in happiness.

Moses has in contrast to Jesus, an abstract concept of God. In his central definition Moses describes God as: "I am." These words refer to God as a happy state of being which one experiences in the enlightenment. In the words "I am" the royal road to enlightenment is mentioned. Man must develop a cosmic consciousness. He loses the sense of his self (ego). He experiences himself as pure consciousness, as one with everything and can say only, "I am." He can not say: "I am the ... (name)." He identifies himself with everything. In yoga it is called Sat-Chit-Ananda, the compound from being, unity and bliss.

Angel of Death and Resurrection[edit]

Evelyn De Morgan - Angel of Death.jpg

13. The angel of Death and Resurrection. There is suffering in your life. How can you overcome the suffering? Sacrifice your ego (your material wishes) and go into the light. Find your way of healing. Find helping exercises and thoughts. Center yourself in spirituality (in God, in the essence). Live healthy and holy (enlightened, in God, in happiness). Go forward with confidence and optimism. Success.

Ulla meets God

Nils: Good day, dear Ulla! Can you tell me something about your life?

Ulla: When I was sent to Sunday school, I liked to listen to the stories of Jesus. Then followed a long period of spiritual sleep, how I would describe it today. I had several friends, but always felt it was not the right man. Until I got a man, with whom I had over 30 years of a desperate relationship. On the one hand, I always wanted to get away from him because he was doing me no good. On the other hand, I was not able to do it. But this negative relationship was at least the advantage that I got interested in religion. As my husband always went to bed early, I was still on long and I busied myself with the various religions. I prayed to God since my childhood.

God or Goddess? I wanted to know. I went on a fantastic meditation. I wanted to meet the goddess in a clearing! I imagined how I went to a little house through a garden with flowers. I walked a beautiful forest trail along until I came to the clearing. There I waited for the goddess! This meditation, I did with a wunderfull meditation music.

The meditation became independent. The road rose gradually, without being burdensome, and the vegetation was lost. As I looked around me there was suddenly left and right of way only emptiness. When I went higher, I saw before me a bright light. As I approached this wonderful, warm light, I saw a Greek statue of a deity. I went to this wonderful bright, love-emitting light, and asked simply, "So there is not a goddess?" The light being turned to me, changed his form and I looked at my own face. I suddenly knew that God bears within himself the female, male, and everything else. I realized that each of us is a tiny part of God. God wants nothing more than to re-unite with us. But we must be like God, full of love and selflessness. And this is often a long way.

I was overcome with such a wonderful warmth, such a deep love and peace, that I would always prefer to stay with God. But unfortunately, I was then quickly brought back to my body. I found no rest and always wanted to come back to God. I meditate every night and was very unhappy that it did not work. Then suddenly I had found the path again, but I saw a lot of branching paths. I realized that one should always be carefully on his way to not fall back again. And then I heard a voice in my heart, who said: "Why do you spend unnecessary time to see me again? Live your life and be happy and make others happy, then you have done a lot?" Since that day my life changed completely. I have no more fears, can see into the hearts of the people, do not have a husband anymore, no more house, no money and I am completely happy.

Angel of Creativity[edit]

Angel of Creativity

14. The Angel of Creativity. Solve emerging problems with wisdom and creativity. When we are relaxed and open, the best ideas appear. Work towards a happy world with your own creativity and sense of fun as your greatest ally. Think the mantra, “I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.” Be creative! Success.

Saving the world

Nils: Let's talk about saving the world.

Ulla: It is very important that there is more love in the world.

Nils: When I turn on the TV, I see a lot of suffering in the world. I see a lot of unnecessary wars. I see hunger. I see poverty. I see injustice. In the world there is too much hatred and selfishness. And too little love among the people.

Ulla: I would teach the teachers to teach their students love and helpfulness.

Nils: What would you do more?

Ulla: I would provide for an equitable distribution of all goods.

Nils: My first request would be that no man may starve in the world. The way is certainly long and difficult. The opposing forces are strong. But the power is with the good on the long term. There will be a golden age on earth. We will prevail.

Ulla: I'll join you.

Nils: Worldwide spread selfishness more and more. The cause is the capitalist globalization. The capitalist television already reaches down to the last village in Africa. The people there have nothing to eat, but they have a TV in every village. They will all be injected with consumerism and selfishness.

Ulla: Those who recognized the problems of the world, become more and more. We must unite.

Nils: Yes. The global justice movement is getting stronger. Against the power of the capitalist television, we can act on the internet.

Ulla: How can we help ensure that there is a world of love and peace?

Nils: Each person should use his personal resources. Many small water droplets will sometime become a mighty river. This sometimes happens very suddenly and unpredictably for the mighty in the world. And that's good.

Ulla: Start small!

Nils: The little ones start small and the big ones make big things. All work together.

Ulla: Right!

Nils: Mother Teresa said: "I can do what you cannot do, and what I cannot do you can do."

Ulla: That it is! Everyone has some skills to serve the divine and all beings.

Nils: The wonderful thing is that God has given each person a possibility to do good.

Ulla: Exactly!

Nils: And if nothing goes, you can still send every day to all beings on earth light. And through this little exercise you can already get to enlightenment and to a life in God.

Ulla: Well, actually everyone can help!

Nils: That´s it. Anyone can send at least light to all beings and pray for his fellow man.

Ulla: What has to be observed by building a happy world?

Nils: At the moment the world is organized according to the principle of egoism. This principle must be replaced by love. We must see ourselves as a global family, where all work primarily for the general welfare. We should learn to work together, not against each other .

Ulla: Yes, that's right.

Nils: To create a happy human community people should provide the inner happiness in the center of their lifes.

Ulla: Yes. If people are happy in themselves, they can also build happy relationships. Many happy relationships then create a happy world.

Angel of Self-Discipline[edit]

The Archangel Michael defeated the devil (his ego) and brought the world into the light.

15. The angel of self-discipline. With self-discipline you will be victorious. What are your goals? What is your way to success? What sacrifice (commitment, effort) you have to provide, so you're successfully on your way? "My goals are ... My way of victory is ..." Take Small Steps. Forward. Success.

Coming close to God

Mion (Jesus.de): I never really felt close to God. Perhaps this is yet to come.

Nils: You have only to find the way by which you can be close to God. There are many spiritual techniques. Find out what works for you. If you really want, you can find your way to God. I get into the light by thinking and visualizing: "I send light to .... (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy."

A good way to feel God's presence is to meet holy (enlightened) people. I went to Brother Roger of Taize, as he visited Germany. It was a great event in the exhibition halls. I sat in the back of the large hall. Brother Roger was sitting up front and surrounded by his monks. And suddenly the Holy Spirit came down from heaven and filled me. I gave the light to all people in the hall so that they could partake of the joy of God. I do not know if anyone has felt this. Anyway, I think that Brother Roger has enabled me to experience God. Maybe you should even go to Taize. Everyone can be there for a few weeks and enjoy the sacred atmosphere. Perhaps you experience God there. Or with other saint. There are so many holy people in the world. I got many times enlightenment energy in their presence.

---> Videos: Pope Highlights Work of Brother Roger (1 min.), The Taizé Community (2 min.)

Angel of Self-Realization[edit]

Be yourself. Live yourself. Realise yourself. Angel of Self-Realization.

16. Self-realization. Feel at every moment what you want, what you need and what you just are happy to do. Live from the pleasure principle. Listen to your spontaneous needs (without harming yourself or others). Awaken your vitality by just being yourself. Success.

The Five Duties

Inner joy appears in a person when the tensions in body and soul have been dissolved. Buddha developed a very simple yet genius practice. This consisted of “sitting, going, and thought practice.” When one varies one’s activities between sitting and being on the go, the inner conflict and tension can be done away with. When a person only sits, the spirit becomes dull and listless. Routine movement makes the spirit clear and keeps the body healthy and gives the person inner energy. If you only go, the mind is restless. Inner happiness comes from inner peace. If the body is kept very quiet, well you can get into deeper dimensions of meditation. In addition to periods of sitting and relaxing in combination with movement, working with the thoughts is important in getting rid of inner conflict. A spiritual person should develop his or her thoughts with love, wisdom, and self-discipline. He or she should learn to bring the thoughts into stillness. Then inner happiness appears. We live in God, in the light, in enlightenment.

Nils has developed this basic model of stress resolution in the way of the five activities. The five activities according to Nils are: lying down or sitting (meditating, relaxing), reading, movement (such as exercise and yoga), doing good for others (work) and to enjoy life. These five duties should be practiced in varying amounts, in the right balance, and are an effective way to get rid of inner conflict.

The fifth duty consists of enjoying life. We should bring joy into our lives, open our hearts, and bring light in. Everyone is predisposed towards something. You can listen to beautiful music, eat something delicious, read a good book, watch a movie, find time for your favorite creative hobbies, and so forth. It is important though, to pay attention to the amount with which we busy ourselves with enjoyment. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing, too little makes life dull. What do you need today? Give it to you!


Cherub. The power of a bull and the wisdom of a human.

17. The angel (cherub) with the characteristics power and wisdom. Make a clear plan for the day. Do spiritual exercises and take breaks often. Practice the correct exercise in the right moment. Be effective. Release your inner tensions and awake your inner happiness. Find your way into the light. The power ist with you. Success.

The Spiritual Daily Schedule

For Nils, the spiritual daily schedule is a central technique on the path to light. This is based on letting go of tension in the body and soul. When we live and practice spiritual exercises for the body and mind everyday, then we will reach enlightenment. The number of hours required on a daily basis to attain a life in the light (in happiness) varies from person to person, and their situation and abilities.

Nils meditates for six hours and goes for an hour walk twice a day. He practices Yoga for an hour and reads a spiritual book for one hour. He also works towards the happiness of others three to four hours per day. He exercises constantly. He divides these spiritual exercises in a way that enables him to constantly undergo the inner purification process.

A spiritual person know when he needs which technique. When the body is dull and lacking energy, he goes for a walk. When he or she feels restless, he or she practices Yoga or meditates. When the spirit seems to rebel against the spiritual way, a book on spiritual topics helps to bring back the conviction towards enlightenment. He senses the inner conflict and uses the proper techniques to dissolve the tension. That is usually what the body and soul wants the least at that moment. Wherever the neurotic tendency to feel repelled towards something is usually the way to the light. On the other hand, we need to sometimes give the body and soul what they would like, otherwise tension is built. The way to happiness requires a lot of wisdom and inner sensitivity.

ma.be (Jesus.de): I want to be myself and learn to sit in the sun in a lawn chair, because Jesus has done everything for us.

Nils: Jesus has done everything in which he has shown us the way. But we must go the way by ourselves. We can find the way only, if we interpret the Bible with inner wisdom and intuition. The path into the light (holiness, Paradise) consists of three main points. 1 The way of rest (lying relaxed in a lounge chair, living in the silence) 2 The way of practice (prayer, meditation) 3 The way of universal love (do good, take ones fellow man more important than oneself). All three points are important. Thus succeeds our spiritual path. They must all be practiced at the right moment, in the right time, in the right way and personally in the right proportions.


Seraph with an eagle, a taurus and a lion.

18. Difficult situations come and go. Accept reality and go with the flow . Dance with the chaos. The Seraph (Paradise Angel). He has the four qualities of wisdom (eagle), serenity (taurus, ego sacrifice), strength (lion) and love (angel). He uses the right quality at the right time and so remains in the light. Success.

Find your purpose of life

Look, think on, and go into the silence. I speak of the silence, deep within you, where you will find the I AM, and this is responsible for your meaning of life. If you have lost the connection to the inner stillness, you lose your sense of life and chase after meaningless things just to fill this gap.

The sense of life is to live a good life. It is even better to be happy than to be unhappy. Find your personal path. Look closely at your skills, your life situation and the world around you. Then you know what you have to do. There is a way for everyone to be happy and to live permanently in the embracing love.

Attempt to draw your eyes on the positive. Get a diary of happiness. Every day write down three things that you've got (even little things!) - after 2 to 4 weeks you can see that every day was nice too. Meanwhile, I think every night before bed about what made me happy that day.

Live after a good plan. The time of life is limited. Use it optimally. Define your goals. Find a way on which you can achieve it. What are your goals? What is your way of victory? What is your way of a fulfilled life? Life should also make some fun. Put as many elements of joy in your life that you can go your way positive. Take something that you are enthusiastic about you. "My way of joy is today ..." Live so that you are satisfied at the end with you and your life. Live in the great satisfaction. Satisfaction is a precursor of the Enlightenment. Find every day your way of satisfaction. "My way of satisfaction is ..."

The Devil[edit]

God and the Devil.

19. On Earth, there are good and evil. Be aware of your negative qualities. Then you can control and overcome them. What negative qualities do you have? Anger, sadness, anxiety, addiction, desire or pride? If you overcome your negative qualities with the right spiritual method (mental work, meditation), you can come into the light. If you're in the light, you have a unity consciousness. The duality (good and bad) is repealed. Everything is correct as is. You are in peace, in happiness and in God. In a way, you did overcome the dualistic world of angels and devils. If you want to act in the material world, you have to go back into the duality. A wise life on earth means to use the duality in order to grow further and further into the light. If you live in the light, you can descend into duality in order to help your fellow beings. What is your negative thought? What is your positive thought? How can you come into the light today (in a life in God)? Success.

Good and evil

We are beings of the light. We are children of the light. The cosmos is our great mother and our great father. We play games of happiness in God and thus grows the eternal happiness of all beings. The problem with most of our fellow creatures is that they can not distinguish between good and bad games. Bad games often make happy the short term and unhappy the long term. Bad games are all games who focus of worldly desires.

If we anchor ourselves in external things, we always long for more. We become tensed inside, our inner happiness decreases and it takes everyone down. We are allowed to live the external things. We can have relationships. We can play relationship games. We are permitted to make us the outside world beautiful. But we must bring the spirituality at the center of our lives. We need to play our life games out of the focus of spirituality. We have to play on the basis of wisdom, love and peace. Only those games benefits us.

This is difficult to understand. There are many little devils in the world playing negative games. Little devils are always poor devils. They lack wisdom and they end up harming themselves primarily. We need many angels in the world who can teach the little devils to play in the right way. If the angels are centered in wisdom, in their spiritual practices and in all-embracing love, then they win and that will be good games for everyone.

If we look closely at the Bible, we see that the Devil is not mentioned often. Moses reported of a snake who lived in paradise and wound itself around a tree. The snake is a symbol for the kundalini energy in yoga. This snake winds itself around the tree of enlightenment, the middle energy canal. The snake embodies the wisdom of activating the internal energy of happiness.

The Bible refers to a devil who came to Jesus as he sat for forty days in the desert and meditated. Shortly before Jesus came to enlightenment, the devil appeared to him. The devil wanted to stop him from destroying his ego and from attaining the point where he could live in the light. Before the tensions within a person dissolve, they strengthen for a time. A strong feeling of aversion to a spiritual life appears and the worldly pleasures appear for a time to be more important than God. They appear as a large source of confusion and temptation.

With a little imagination, the devil can be imagined. One can see the ego as a sort of inner devil who stops one in the path towards enlightenment. However, this devil is not a being, but a part of the individual’s own self. He is a visualized ego conflict. In the Bible it is described with an image, a presence, but this is not to be taken literally.

In Buddhism, the devil is called Mara. Before he achieved enlightenment, Mara came to Buddha. Buddha reached his hand towards the earth, activated his root chakra, and rid himself of this ego conflict. Mara and his entire army of temptation disappeared. After Buddha triumphed, the light of enlightenment flowed within. With Jesus, it meant that the angels came and served him, after he managed to overwhelm his ego and came to enlightenment.

There is no devil in reality. In its basic substance the universe is made of light. Everything is God. Everything is clean. One can only live things in the cosmos wrong. You can put your ego at the center of your life. The right path can be found with the principles of truth and love. With these two properties we can defeat the devil. Who's going through his full life consistently with wisdom and love, one day comes into the light (in a life of God, into the paradise).

Angel of Healing[edit]

Barbaras Weihnachtsengel.jpg

20. You have worked enough. Recover now. Give yourself a break. Let yourself rest and relax. The angel of healing. Heal yourself from the stress of life. Practice the five principles of health. Joy of life comes from inner peace, from the release of tension in the body (bodywork) and spirit (mental work). At a certain point the spirit changes into happiness. Success.

Healing Meditation

We sit or lie down. We relax.

1. Sun = We visualize above ourselves a beautiful sun, raising both hands to the side at head height and think several times the mantra "sun." We let the light of the sun flow down on us and massage it into the body.

2. Earth = We visualize the earth below us, rub the earth with our feet and think: "I send light to the earth. May all beings in the world be happy."

3. Healing Massage = We consider what part of our body needs healing in the moment. We let light flow into it, massage it in circles and think the word "light" as a mantra. By the light massage we resolve the tensions in the particular area of ​​the body and enable it in the self-healing. We can visualize the light in a color we feel that it heals us. We think the color name as a mantra. We can successively rub the light of healing in several parts of the body, thinking always the mantra "Light".

4. Cosmos = We visualize the cosmos around us full of stars, make big circles with our arms and think, "Om cosmos. I take the suffering in my life. I consistently walk my way of health and healing."

5. Angel of Healing = We visualize before or above us the Master of Healing (God, Jesus, Mother Mary, our Healing Angel). We rub our hands in front of the heart chakra and think, "Dear Healing Angel (all enlightened Masters). Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way."

6. Question of Healing = We focus on a part of our body who needs healing or on a personal problem. What is the way of our healing? What do we have to do? What triggers our problem? We think so long until we are satisfied with the result. When we hear no answer, we are either blocked inside (we don't want to see the real causes of the problem), or we have a bad contact to our inner voice (we sense ourselves poorly). The best way then is slowly to get into thinking about our problem.

7. Sick people = We move a hand, bless all people with light and think, "May all the people who have the same problem as I be healed. My problem is ... The way of healing is ..."

8. Amen = We think inhaling and exhaling "Amen". We stop all other thoughts. We feel calmness, serenity and peace in us. We stop a minute every thought and move gently our feet. We focus on our feet and move on, until our mind comes completely to rest. Then we linger in a slight meditation. All thoughts and feelings may come and go as they please. We relax.

Angel of Forgiveness[edit]

21. Today you are an angel of forgiveness. What positive thought helps you to achieve forgiveness? What is your sentence of forgiveness? "I forgive the cosmos (life, God), that my way is so hard. I forgive my friends AND my enemies (Children, partner, family members) that ..."


Woman: What others have done to me, I will not forgive. It is enough that I forgive myself. This must suffice. Forgiveness is only something for Holy.

Nils: It is not enough. You harden inside. You block your energy of happiness. You put this in all your future relationships. It is very important to obtain forgiveness. Even though it is sometimes very difficult. Forgiveness is something for Holy and Unholy, to become healthy inside. Jesus taught to love his enemies. The first step is to come to forgiveness. Without forgiveness, there will always be wars in the world. If you want peace, the world should learn to forgive.

Woman: Forgiving a person means to refer him to a subordinate level. That makes me bigger than him. Therefore, I do not forgive.

Nils: Who forgives, lets go of his ego. He rises with his fellows into the level of love, peace and light.

Paradise Angel[edit]

Paradies Angel with great power (cherub).

22. Wisdom, selfdiscipline and love. Get inner happiness. Get into the light. Get into a life in God. Transform your world into a paradise. What is today your art of living? Go ahead with optimism. Success.


Enlightenment is the central point to understand the philosophy of happiness. According to Swami Sivananda, there are three main paths to enlightenment, the path of peace (live in rest), the path of love (do good) and the path of practicing (yoga, meditation). The best way is to practice all three ways. Everyone should find the spiritual exercises that suit him well. In order to resolve our internal tensions and to awaken our inner happiness, we need exercises for the body (yoga, walking, meditation) and exercises for the mind (self-reflection, thoughts control, doing good) . Basically you get to the enlightenment (to a life in the light / in God) through the personally right combination from meditation and mental work.

The basic principle of Epicurus was, "A philosopher lives like a God (Buddha, Enlightened, Holy) among the people." The most important enlightenment technique for Epicurus was next to a life in stillness the daily positive thinking. Epicurus called it "philosophize." A life will be happy when we constantly think positive and live with enough rest. A person should philosophize every day. He should think about the meaning of life, reflect on his positive goals and consistently go his path of truth and wisdom.

The center of philosophy is the question of the meaning of life. Who goes through life without this issue, lives unconscious. Blessed is the one, who finds his purpose of life through his philosophical thinking. He can live wisely and strategically. He will receive a full life. Live happily. Live with the happiness research and the philosophy of happiness. The people are different and have different ways of inner happiness. For some people it is good to live as an extreme ascetic (Diogenes). For some people it is right to try the path of the outer pleasure enough, until they are ready for the path of inner happiness. For most people, a mean way with some outer joy is the best spiritual way. What are the spiritual exercise you want to do daily? Make a good plan of your life.

Holy Christian[edit]

23. Who every day goes one step forward, some day he will reach his goal. What are your goals? What is your way? What is today your deed for the happiness of all beings? What can you do for the love and the peace between all religions? Move one hand and think, “I send light to (name), May all people be happy. May the world be happy.”

Bede Griffiths

Bede Griffiths was born in 1906 in England and died in 1993 in India. He made lecture tours through the West and sparked waves of enthusiasm out there. He wrote many books. He was a great inspiration to many Christians today. At him they found the love and the authenticity that they had been looking for. His final words were: "I am so happy. I'm so full of love. This is my commandment, that ye love one another. In this is included the whole gospel."

Bede Griffiths wanted the adaptation of Christianity to the present day. He taught that the disclosures of all religions complete one another. All the holy books of all religions together give the whole thing. A spiritual person can and should learn from the books of all religions.

Bede Griffiths was, how many great saints, very uncomfortable for his church. He explained that the Catholic Church must change. She should find new ways to express the Christian message. She should make love, not the sin to the center of her faith.

Bede Griffiths advocated the abolition of compulsory celibacy for priests, the priesthood of women and to establish inter-religious communities. His ashram in India was visited by people from all religions. He sent his Christian students to other spiritual traditions, so that everyone could find just the personal right way for him to enlightenment.

---> Videos: Bede Griffiths talks about the love of God (3 min.), Bede Griffiths talks about God (5 min.)


The Christmas tree symbolizes the enlightenment.

24. Santa Claus brings the gifts. Be Santa Claus. Today the way of happiness is not wanting to have but wanting to give. Give love, peace and happiness. Enjoy the good news, that God exists and that Jesus Christ was born and showed us how to live a fullfilled live. Be generous and don´t see the weaknesses of your family. Make your fellow man happy. Send all people light and think, “I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.”


(A little Christmas story from Doro and Nils)

A candle was burning on the Advent wreath. It was so quiet you could hear how the candles began to talk. The second candle said: "My name is PEACE. People don´t want me!" The third candle sighed: "My name is LOVE. The people only look at themselves and not to their fellow beings!" The fourth candle flickered: "My name is FAITH. But people want nothing to do with me."

Then the first candle said, "My name is Truth. Do not fear. The people are always looking for me and if they found me, also the lights of love, peace and faith will burn again."

A child came, took the light from the first candle and lit it at the other candles. Now all four lights were burning, because it was shortly before Christmas. And then on Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ was celebrated, who has shown mankind the way of love, peace, faith and truth.

---> Video Enya: We Wish You A Marry Christmas

---> Light A Candle.

Birth of Jesus Christ[edit]

The Birth of Jesus. The beginning.

25. The Holy Family. Birth of Jesus Christ in the stable of Bethlehem. We have to live our family and the world centered in positive values (wisdom, love, peace). If we work together and form a good team, the whole family will be happy. What you can contribute to the happiness of your family and your friends? What starts today? Blessing. Success.

The Sermon on the Mount

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Jesus meant „poor“ in terms of the inner self, and not the outer self. Outer poverty does not lead automatically to inner happines. Those who let go of outer attachments, can simply exist and find a way to inner contentment in God. Suffering in and of itself does not lead to happiness. However, those who can take suffering in their lives and raise themselves through spiritual exercises, can find solace in inner peace. Mourning can help to let go, but one should not allow the self to be overwhelmed by grief. Grief is not the center of life, rather inner peace.

Those who can greet their fellow beings with non-violence and placidity, can live in a relaxed and peaceful way and relinquish into a cosmic consciousness. Those who are at peace with all things, are at peace with themselves.

Justice means correctness in the Bible. To long for a correct life, means to long for a life in the light. Those who long for happiness and search for it in the right places will receive it one day, in the form of inner peace.

Those full of empathy, will feel with the cosmos. Those who love their enemies will experience inner harmony. Those who experience the center of their existence as a love for all other beings will be rewarded by God with an all-encompassing love, peace, and inner happiness.

To dissolve inner tension, exercises for the body are required (going, meditation) and exercises for the spirit (reading, thought exercises). Those who exercise spiritually every day will reach a lasting happiness one day. Then one day the meaning of God will be found.

Those who let go of the ego, come into the light. Without a sacrifice, the breakthrough to enlightenment cannot be made. Those who live according to these teachings and therefore experience difficulty in their daily lives, provide the basis for such a spiritual sacrifice. To let go in a spiritual manner is an art. Those who do not go about this the right way create inner tension and conflict. We should not sacrifice too little or too much. Those who go about this the right way will be rid of their inner conflict.

A peacemaker is a person who makes peace within the self and the world. Those who are enlightened can be called holy, a son or daughter of God. Those who live in peace radiate peace into the world.

The central message of Jesus’ Mount Sermon is that a person cannot serve two lords. He cannot serve God (inner happiness) and money (the outer form of “happiness”). One has to decide for him or herself as to what form of happiness he or she will seek to attain. As a wise person, one must place the way of peace, serenity, love, and spiritual exercises as the central point of existence. In this way, he or she will one day find true happiness and live in the light.

The Enlightened Master[edit]

Jesus Christ

26. A great treasure in life is to have an enlightened master. Who do you trust (Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary)? Whose spiritual teachings do you like? Anyone who goes her or his way every day with an enlightened master (prayer, meditation, reading), grows into the light. Get connected with a spiritual role model. Who is your spiritual role model? Think the mantra: "Om all enlightened masters. Please guide and help me on my way." Use the mantra with the name of your personal role model (Jesus, God). Feel yourself really connected with your role model. Visualize it in the heaven or in front of you. Then his spiritual energy flows into you and strengthen you on your way.

Transcendent Masters (enlightened souls in a higher dimension)

Christ means the anointed, the king, the transcendent master. According to Amritanandamayi (Amma) there are fully enlightened souls in the afterworld. They posses a cosmic consciousness which is at one with the cosmos (with he light) and through this they are also one with one another. One could view this as a mass of souls who see themselves as one (God), or a mass of souls who view one another as friends. We can therefore pray to God or to the enlightened souls in the afterlife. It is also possible that an enlightened master is simultaneously present on the earth in a body and as a soul in the afterlife. As a soul he or she can always see us and help us.

According to Amma, a prayer is always heard and reacted to or upon by one of these higher beings. It doesn’t matter what name humans use in the process, whether it be Allah, God, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, or Odin, it is all the same. The only point of importance is that the person praying would like help from a higher force in the cosmos.

God is often described as a cloud in Christianity. This image goes well with the idea of the aforementioned great enlightened force of souls. We could consider these souls as an energy cloud of highly developed consciousness. They are capable of affecting every dimension of the cosmos with beams of light. This often transpires via symbols such as books, images, and statues which appear in certain locations. More spiritually developed humans are able to sense these beams of energy which emanate symbolically through the statues and images. People can focus and turn this energy into inner power, peace, or positive thoughts.

Angel of Love[edit]

AntonioCanova PsycheRevivedByCupidsKiss.JPG

27. You are loved. God loves you. Jesus loves you. Love yourself too. Become an Angel of Love. What is your deed of love today? Send light to all people and come into the energy of love and light: "I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy."

Religion of Love

(Quote Forum Jesus.de, 2011)

Nils: There is only one religion, the religion of love. All religions are different roads to that one religion. When we allow ourselves to be found by God, to be containers and channels of love, there will be paradise on earth and heaven.

Kahlan: I found it very interesting that you have a daily structure, a system. That is something that also exists in daily life of a monastery: an order and structure. That is what is so appealing for people who visit monasteries, in this peace and quiet of order they are able to relax and find peace.

Nils: That’s exactly the way it is. You use a structured daily plan to find a calm state of being. However, in most monasteries there’s a chance one works too much, does too many rituals or has too much contact with other people. Then one uses all of his or her energy for material things and has none left to turn inward. When one lives in a state of calm and doing little, then at some point, the energy focuses inward. At that point, inner tension begins to dissolve, and the person begins to grow in light. This point is difficult to find and hold onto. This hardly works with other people around. First being alone feels intolerably boring and then one starts to really feel uncomfortable, and then suddenly the hermit is in God and bliss.

Norbert: Why does God allow suffering in the world?

Nils: I don’t ask myself this, because I see God-conscioness as the state of enlightenment. Those who are enlightened can fully (Buddha) or partially (Jesus) rise over suffering. Those who walk the spiritual path can use spiritual techniques (meditation, contemplation) to help with suffering. Suffering is. Where life is, there is suffering. If we want to live, we have to accept suffering as a part of that. We can only try to reduce or avoid suffering of the mind and body. An important way to get over suffering is shown to us by Moses. If we accept suffering in our lives and arrive in a state of non-attachment (in a state of “I am”, of God consciousness), then we can integrate suffering into our greater souls. Then inner bliss arises and we live in light despite any suffering.

God is a mystery that can be seen and understand only by enlightenment. One can see God only in enlightenment. The Bible says: "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." Who cleans his heart (his mind) with spiritual exercises, enters the dimension of God and sees God. With funding of physics or logic, we can describe God very limited. Science cannot explore more than circumstantial evidences for God. If one really want to know whether God exists, one must realize enlightenment.

1. Purify yourself. Do walking (body work, pilgrimage), meditation and mental work. Practice the five qualities inner peace, love, wisdom, self-discipline and happiness.

2. Pray to Jesus, God or Mother Mary.

3. Pray for all people. Send all people light. All-encompassing love is the quickest way to a life in God.

4. Connect daily with God or the enlightened Masters (the saints) and follow the voice of your inner wisdom. Read in the holy books, pray or think a mantra as: "Dear God (Om all enlightened Masters). Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way."

5. Think positive. Become positive through forgiveness, positive living and love to all. Move a hand in blessing and think, "I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy."

Angel of Thankfulness[edit]

Angel of Thankfulness

28. Thankfulness. What are you thankful for? Practice today a ritual of gratitude. Fill you with the energy of gratitude. "I am thankful for ..."

The Lord´s Prayer

To have a powerful effect, we should speak or think the prayer how it fits us best and connect it with visualizations. We should interpret the images so that they are helpful to us.

1.Our Father in heaven,

(We visualize God on our personal way above our crown chakra.)

2.hallowed be your name,

(We think sometimes the word "God", until we are in contact with the energy of God.)

3.your kingdom come,

(We visualize us in the kingdom of God. We see the positive in our world. )

4.your will be done, on earth as in heaven.

(We take all things in our lives as they are.)

5.Give us today our daily bread.

(We are grateful for everything good in our lives.)

6.Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.

(What do you want to forgive your fellow man or God / your life today?)

7.Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil.

(What false desires you want to let go of today?)

8.For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and for ever. Amen.

(Feel the power and the light of your spiritual role model flowing into you and filling you. Think Amen as long until you are one with the power of Jesus or God. Move one hand and send the light with the mantra Amen to all beings on earth. So you will come fully into the light.)

Angel of Joy[edit]

Angel of Joy

29. Connecte spirituality and joy. Give yourself every day the joy that you need for your path. Take the middle road to advance. The middle way is the optimal combination of wisdom, peace, self-discipline, love and joy. What is your deed of joy today?


(3) Jesus said : "The Kingdom is inside You and outside You."

--> Awaken your inner happiness and you'll recognize the paradise in your world.

(8) Then He said : "A man is like a wise fisherman who casts his net into the sea and drew it up from the sea full of small fish. Among them he found a fine large fish. The wise fisherman threw all the small fish back into the sea and chose the large fish without hesitation. He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

-->The inner happiness is the big fish and the outer luck the small fishes.

(10) Jesus said : "I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I watch over it until it blazes up."

--> Jesus will protect us forever.

(25) Jesus said : "Love your brother like your own soul, watch over him like the apple of your eye."

--> Live in the all-embracing love.

(27) "If You do not fast as regards the world, You will not find the Kingdom. If You do not observe the Sabbath as Sabbath, You will not see the Father."

--> Stay away from worldly things and practice effectively your spiritual path.

(42) Jesus said : "Be passers-by."

--> Do not be attached by the world.

(47) Jesus said : "It is impossible to serve two masters."

--> You must decide if you want to serve God or to serve the world.

(49) Jesus said : "Fortunate are the alone and the elect, for they will find the Kingdom."

--> You reach a life in God via the path of seclusion (rest) and by the grace of God.

(50) Jesus said : "If they ask You : 'What is the sign of your Father in You ?, say to them : 'It is movement and rest.'

--> The optimal way of internal cleansing consists of rest and exercise. Sitting and walking in constant change, until the mind comes to rest. So you resolve the internal tensions and the light of God can flow into you.

(75) Jesus said : "Many stand outside at the door, but it is the solitaries who will enter the bridal chamber."

--> Those who live secluded (unattached) get the mystical marriage with God.

(77) Jesus said : "I am the All. Cleave a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up a stone, and You will find Me there."

--> God is a higher dimension of consciousness, which is in everything and everywhere.

(94) Jesus said : "He who seeks will find, and he who knocks will be let in."

--> Who consistently seeks God will find God. Who consistently goes his spiritual path will reach the goal.

Angel of Humor[edit]

Angel of Humor

30. Laugh at life. Who rests in his own happiness, can laugh at the chaos of life. The angel of humor. He lives the joy. He makes jokes. He sees life as a game. Be positive as you go through the day. Do not take things too seriously. Today you can be a little wild and crazy. Have fun. :-) :-) ;-) :-)

Men and women

Nils: Men and women are different. There is no doubt about it. But rather than focus on the negative characteristics of men and women, why not praise the positives? Let's start with the women: women are compassionate, caring, and socially. Women cry when they are happy. Women bring joy and laughter in this world. Women are kind and loyal. They will not give up under any circumstances to get for the best for their children. Women have the ability to smile when they are so tired that she can hardly stand up. They know how to make a simple meal into a feast. They know how to comfort a sad friend. They know how to deal with children for endless hours! They know how to give a man the feeling to be king. Women make the world to a happier place.

Sybilla: WOW. Thank you .... ;-)) That feels really good just now!

Sonja: ..... Thaaaaaaaaaank you. Dear Nils, you nearly were a man to marry. Lol :)))

Nils: Alll my ten ex-women had an other point of view!

Lane777: Do you think that a man who wants to be enlightened, must renounce all earthly things?

Nils: The Bible says that man must choose between God and the world. A waiver is necessary. Either a person lives his ego or his higher self. But you can make compromises. It is primarily an inner seclusion. Who can remain in his spirituality, can also celebrate with worldly people happy parties. I lose my spiritual awareness often having much worldly contact (for example when watching TV more than one hour). But then I clean myself inside, do some spiritual exercises and I'm happy again in me. It is even so with me, that I find a bit wordly pleasure beneficial for my spiritual path. St. Anthony taught that some people need a little flower, and some are not. I need every day a little flower of joy in my life as a hermit.

I have found that the secular energies of television and the spiritual energy of love, peace and happiness are opposing energies. After several hours of watching TV every enlightenment energy disappeares. For a person who strives for inner happiness, it is important to avoid either the television or watch TV wise. This means to select the programs prudently, to limit the time spent watching television and properly clean oneself after each television consumption. Specifically, people are very different. Television affects people very differently. Every spiritual person should therefore find out the path that is best for them. I feel every day exactly what I need right now and what brings me spiritually forward.

Angel of Victory[edit]

Burning angel. Burning the ego and awaken in the light (in a life in God).

31. The Angel of victory. He burns his ego and so comes into the light. He chases away the evil spirits (negative thoughts) in his mind and awakens his inner happiness. Who walks with God (the angels, the enlightened masters) will win on the way of life. His life is blessed. Crucifixion and resurrection of the ego. New Year, Easter. What are your good intentions? What are your goals? What is the way on which you reach your goals? Celebrate the day. You will win or have won.

The Five Seekers

There were five people who sought God. One was an atheist, an other a Christian, the third a yogi, the fourth a Muslim, and the fifth a Buddhist. One day the five seekers came to a large mountain. Up on the mountain shone a bright light. The atheist said: "This is the sun." The Christian said: "This is God." The Muslims gave it the name of Allah. The Buddhist thought it was the Nirvana (emptiness / unity / bliss). The Yogi called it Brahman (the higher reality).

The five-seekers debated long about the light, the happiness and God. The atheist insisted that there is no God. The Buddhists did not believe in a personal God. Which the Muslim and the Christian contradicted violently. The Yogi surprised his friends by stating: "This question cannot be clarified by an unenlightened man. We all must get enlightenment, then we will understand what God is."

The five seekers had a long talk about God. They learned about their respective viewpoints. The talk was a great enrichment for all. But they could not come to a final result. They therefore decided to climb the mountain and to investigate the light exactly.There were many paths leading up the mountain. Everyone rose up on his own path.

When everyone had arrived at the summit, they decided to enter into the great mystery. They took each other by the hand and went into the great light. They passed through a great darkness (the ego resolution) and found themselves in God (transcendence). They stayed some time in God and then went back into the world of matter (the duality of things) . In God all had been speechless. But now her mind began to work. Excited, they told each other about their experiences.

The Yogi felt God as happiness (peace-unity consciousness-bliss), the Christian as universal love, the Buddhist as inner peace (no attachments), the Muslim as a great power and the atheist experience God as a higher truth. The Muslims got the word "Allah", the Christian the word "God", the Buddhist the word "Enlightenment" (my Buddha nature), the Yogi "Sat-Chit-Ananda" (I am this) and the atheist "Cosmos" (unity consciousness). If they thought their particular word, they could immediately go back into the light. The word was their personal key to entry into the great mystery. Anyone who has met God, can come with the power of the memory and his personal mantra again into the state of enlightenment.

Each of the seekers kept his word as the greatest. They were arguing about their prayers and could not agree on a verbal level. So they decided to end their conflict and prefer to concentrate on the spiritual practice. They lived many years together on the mountaintop. They read in their scriptures, meditated a lot, pilgrimaged every day to the mountain summit and met once a week to a joint celebration. Some day all arrived the permanent light. And the great light transformed them. They saw the light in all beings and all things of the world. They realized that they are all brothers and sisters. May we stop all religious wars in the world. May we be build a golden age of love, peace and happiness on earth. May the light, the love and the truth always be with us.

---> Video Joan Baez We shall overcome

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