Amatsu Kuntou

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The name means Heavenly Education. This is the teaching of Mizu Shura. Mizu Shura is several teachings between the reality and dreams. That is why it is called Amatsu Kuntou. Though the teachings aren't traditional Japanese (not Japanese period) they use the japanese language. It is not religon or anything like that. It is educating people It was founded by a person with the codename Violet Ai.

The first lesson is called Sono Faito. It means The Fight. This teaches life is hard and people never understand. People kill for their own gain. So defence is mandatory. People who study this take on learning several months of Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Southern Praying Mantis style Kung Fu, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Northern Seven Star Praying Mantis, and Ba Gua.