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1: Introduction
2: Level I
3: Level II
4: Level III
i: Dictionary
ii: Prefixes and Suffixes

Welcome to the Æzu’ä learning project at Wikiversity, part of the Center for Foreign Language Learning and the School of Language and Literature.

Here, you can learn the basics of this language. To the right, there is a course list that includes an introduction, the orthography of the language, and various other courses. This is located on every page, to help guide you through the process of learning this language. Underneath, there is a lesson list, which will expand as you begin a new course. To start learning Æzu’ä, you should begin at the Level I page, where you can go through various lessons. The first lesson will teach you how to pronounce each individual letter. Once you learn how to correctly pronounce the letters, you can continue on to the next lessons.

The language Æzu’ä is currently being produced for a currently unnamed amateur film. In the film, it is supposedly one of the earliest languages on Earth, existing before humanity.