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The entity tag, &... is an empty namespace used to locate a web design entity that does not yet exist. It is used whenever a url is not yet defined.


&... (pronounced And-duh-duh-duh) is a placeholder for a non-descript future web resource. It was instituted by the WikiaPerl group for use in Semantic Web XML/UML applications, particularly for wikis in November 2005. The &... tag was first used to functionally meld Perl with MediaWiki at Wikia.com.

Category:The Future[edit | edit source]

A demonstration of the use of &... for Special:Category designations, both implemented and planned:

Computer Programming Category:Programming languages: Category:Perl, Category:PHP. &...

In this case &... is a context sensitive placeholder for an extension of the list of categories that are defined but not yet implemented (NOTE: as of 01:26, 9 January 2007 (UTC) these were red links):

The above list of categories is incomplete, in that only Category:Perl and Category:PHP are defined (blue links) within the context of implemented Wikiversity:Categories. (Even though most are represented in the Topic: namespace, though not yet the Category: namespace.)

Activation and Implementation[edit | edit source]

NOTE: both implemented ...

...and unimplemented...

...categories appear at the bottom of this page as activated categories. By activating UML and XML categories, We have committed the resource allocated in the Special:Categories namespace.

Topic:The Future[edit | edit source]

This page is a placeholder for a learning project or other resource under development. To get involved, please participate at Talk:&...

&... Topic:Computer Programming

The MediaWiki Engine has a handy built-in function that quickly exposes list members that are planned (red links) and established (blue links). How cool is that?!?

Established and planned resources[edit | edit source]

Computer Programming Topics:

In this case, the list of programming languages can continue in an open way:

Example in perl: [ @ProgLangs = (@Hello, @_); # @_ holds &... ]

Template:Placeholder[edit | edit source]

{{placeholder}} for whatever ya'll want/need/have/propose/&...

Here, &... is a "spug". A spug is that little wedge thing you put in the door to keep it from closing when you're the last one out and don't have a key. {{Q}} (a derivative of {{queue}}) works with &... to report a "time to live" for the object' placeholder. This way no polling has to be done to see if anything changes. The session remains open until a) it times out b) the object (page) is created or until &... is removed by request. This architecture mimics the old QNX Neutrino® w:Microkernel multi-thread / multi-task scheme. It allows players (users) to get on with projects in various namespaces building a context for the object in the queue. Lokk at "&...".


use strict;
use warnings;

my $&...=null; #empty
my $name="A Name for something needed that doesn't yet exist but has been called for"

#It's a namespace ... manifest in MediaWiki when you click on a red link and then click on "What links here"
#Now you have a context for an object that does not exist.

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