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Basic Information[edit]

Current Statics[edit]

Activity Rate[edit]

Meetings and Discussions (please add enough information about you)[edit]

Name Wikis active at Time and Availability Meeting suggestions Main interest Suggestions for Aaqib Wiki
Goldenburg111 (talk) Aaqib Wiki, Loopa23 Wiki, Indonesia Wiki (My account is currently disabled) I live in Virginia, USA. I am active from 2:00pm to 6:00pm I believe we should talk about different policies. There should be a specific amount of policies to benefit Aaqib Wiki. I would also like to discuss our future, and how to handle blocks, deletions and bans (we had a user named "WhyBack" who was banned for incivility, trouble, and being stubborn, ban discussion here). I would also like to discussion the amount of maturity needed to edit Aaqib Wiki, you may see the lack of maturity in our block log history. But I would not like to embarrass users who have been lately "immature" ;), and else, I would like to say we need to discuss about activity of Aaqib Wiki. I would not like the place to be a vulnerable sack as it is now. Soccer, Cricket, Islam Activity, Maturity, and how to handle blocks, deletions, and bans.
Planning out Meeting, and suggestions[edit]

For me, living in Virginia, would be maybe around 4:00pm, but we need to decide on which date. It can't be a Monday - Thursday meeting. Maybe a Saturday? --~~Goldenburg111 20:31, 24 January 2014 (UTC)