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Arnhem Land 2012

Leigh lives on Mount Dandenong with his beautiful wife Sunshine, their daughters Eve and Maya, and their dog Lego. He enjoys outdoor recreation with a passion for backcountry telemark skiing, and fond memories of kayaking, rock climbing and cycle touring. He also enjoys tinkering with permaculture design and ideas for post industrial living.

Leigh’s professional interest is in educational development, focused on open and networked learning and research. Leigh currently works with the Faculty of Health Science at La Trobe University.

Leigh dreams of life on a small block of land by a river under a mountain, free from wage slavery, being an artist, growing vegies, running goats, and raising babies. In the meantime, slave on...


Teaching and educational development[edit]

  • La Trobe Health Sciences - Working with staff at La Trobe University to develop and pilot a range of subjects with open educational practices.

Less developed:

Research and publications[edit]

All these are in terrible disarray. Some are nowhere near developed, others are somewhere near complete, but all are in a state of continuous wiki fiddle:

  1. Tomorrow's PhD
  2. My own PhD
  3. Socially constructed media and communications - A presentation to Ascilite 2007
  4. Network Learning Networked Learning
  5. Networked learning a biomass heat transfer system
  6. Defining networked learning
  7. Open Online Courses and Massively untold stories
  8. Sustainability considerations relating to the use of Second Life for education - A critical review for the New Zealand Ministry of Education 2009
  9. Journalism studies and Wikinews - A collaborative paper published in the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association conference: Communicating Change and Changing Communication in the 21st Century. 2013
  10. A crisis for institutions, opportunities for teachers
  11. Data and Power - A presentation to the Melbourne University Analytics Forum 2014
  12. Education as instrument of colonisation
  13. Institutions and communities
  14. Open Education Practices: A User Guide for Organisations - A manual for the New Zealand Ministry of Education 2009
  15. Notes on Bowers' False Promises of Constructivist Theories of Learning
  16. Open academic practice and Excellence in Research Australia
  17. Open academia survey
  18. EResearch in education: Open and networked practices and the rise of the citizen researcher
  19. An ethical framework for ubiquitous learning
  20. Open academia: Principles and practices
  21. Open education and research at the University of Canberra - A presentation to the Annual General Meeting of Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia