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About Me[edit]

I'm currently a 25 year-old Jamaican with a love for Web Design, the Pure and Applied Sciences and anything along those lines. Though I was not formally trained in Information Technology/Computer Programming, I like to think of myself as quite ok at finding my way around. Finding Wikiversity was a lucky break for me as I can brush up on the skills I may need to get the actual qualifications in the field of Computer Sciences in the not-so-distant future - which is one of my medium-term goals.

All the skills I have so far (mainly in Web-Development) are self-taught and I plan to broaden those by including knowledge in C++, PHP, Python, Java, C Programming Language, Javascript and any other that may be helpful in my achieving my goal.

Stuff I'm Trying My Hand at[edit]

I'm currently trying out the following courses in Computer Programming (in the order outlined), hope to some day get really good at this so I can say I learned it Wikiversity.

Though I'm a Web Designer (in a sense I have a useful HTML and CSS experience), it never kills to brush up on your web design skills and gaining more in the process therefore, I am pursuing the following courses:

I intend to pursue the courses above systematically until I've completed the most advanced of all the above. Some day I will be good at them!

Links to a Few Stuff I've Done So Far...[edit]

Currently, there are no projects I've done so far. I intend to create tutorials and upload them to my page at:

Still a work in progress but it features a template that I did in XHTML and CSS, so as I get better at programming there will be tutorials and links and downloads and such posted here for all the world to see!

I'm also trying to maintain an irc channel #phpnewbies on Freenode, I'm not always online so it is hard to keep the channel open. If for some reason you may be interested in contacting me to offer your support/assistance you can drop me a line on Yahoo Messenger, my handle is lynqu2.