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Hey! My name is Jennifer, I am a Junior at University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the Elementary Education Program. I am a mathematic concentration, since I was little I loved math classes and doing my math homework with my dad. Once I graduate I would like to be a kindergarden teacher, somewhere within North Carolina. I have lived in North Carolina my whole life, and do not plan on moving anytime soon. I lived in a rural county (which is not so rural no - it is growing in all directions) and plan on some day moving back to the county that I was raised in and teach. I still communicate with my kindergarden teacher on a monthly basis if not more. Currently I am a full time student and work part time at Hendrick Acura. I have been working at Acura for 4 years and absoulty love it! Hendrick Automotive Group is a great organization to work with and they have made it so easy for me to go to college and to work at the same time.


Teachers affect children of younger ages, more than children of older ages.

I know that first grade teacher DO have an emotional influence on their students. An emotional influence that I believe is very important on the child.

Does every first grade teacher have an emotional influence on all of their students?

Does every first grade teacher affect all of their student the same emotionally?

Teacher’s creativity affects student’s creativity; teachers who are not creative with their lessons can hinder student from being creative with their projects or ideas.

I learned that by criticizing students in a positive manner that they grow in the right direction instead of working backwards like they do when teachers us negative criticism. This means that teachers need to encourage students as much as possible so that they change and take the actions that need to be taken to improve.