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Hey!! My name is Ashley Marlowe. I have lived in North Carolina for all of my life. Before I moved to Charlotte to go to UNCC I lived in a small rural town that has about four stop lights. The move to Charlotte was a big shock but I am loving the city life now. I am currently a junior at UNCC and cannot believe how fast time has flown in college. I have always wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I think I decided this when I was in Kindergarten. To be so close to finally graduating is so crazy to me,but very exciting.

Besides being an Elementary School teacher, I have always dreamed of traveling the world. I think seeing all the beautiful places and scenes would be absolutely amazing. The places I most want to visit are Europe, Australia and the small beautiful towns there.

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  • Open education is a form of structured discovery that allows students to learn, experience, discover and be accountable for the knowledge they acquire.
  • Open education allows the teacher to be a guide to students learning.
  • Open education gives students freedom to learn at their own pace and feel comfortable. They can sit, stand, or relax on the floor during a lesson.
  • Montessori schools are an example of open education
  • Open education contains organizational, methodical,as regards content, social and individual criteria

  • What type of Open Education programs are available in the United States, Bulgaria and Germany?
  • I would like to know more details of open education and what it is exactly.
  • How is open education used in Germany and Bulgaria?
  • How does open education differ from other forms of education?
  • Is open education more successful than a "regular" education?
  • Is open education something that students prefer?
  • I have learned that I really didn't know very much on this subject and am interested in learning more.
  • Teachers are facilitators.
  • Open Education teaches topics that have real world meanings to students.
  • Students learn through discovery based experiences.
  • Humanistic approach focuses on: self concept, communication, personal values and affect.
  • In an open classroom these things occur:

Goals - individual growth, critical thinking, self-reliance, co- operation, commitment to lifelong learning. Most important person - student not teacher. Not curriculum bound Not age/grade locked. Student-centred - intensive, but relaxed teacher/pupil contact. Needs low teacher/pupil ratio. de-emphasises schedules. Almost no control or competition Difficult to draw the line between chaos and order, rebelliousness and expression of rights. Productive and unproductive time. Students tend to have better self-concepts and are more creative and co- operative, but academic achievements are lacking

  • I have learned exactly what open education is, and that it is best used only under certain circumstances and with a certain type of student body.

Outline for Project

I. What is Open Education?

II. Humanism

III. History of Open Education

IV. Key Components in Open Education

V. Challenges

VI. Lesson Plans

VII. Our Thoughts on Open Education