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Week0 Activities[edit]

Write problem/project Goal[edit]

My First Task[edit]

Week1 Activities[edit]

Summary of actual work over first weekend[edit]

Week1 Narrative[edit]

My Second Task[edit]

My second task is to gather as much information as i can about the corecontrol to formulate a testing regimen. Friday i will sign out the corecontrol unit and take it home over the break to perform week 1 of testing and week 2 of testing according to the tests that i set up.

Week2 Activities[edit]

Summary of actual work over second weekend[edit]

To sum it all up i made quite a bit of progress this week. First in class i tried to modify one of the gloves so that i could use it to create a seal for the core control. The glove failed even after modifying it two times, it just wasnt air tight enough agains my arm. After all of the shenanigans with the glove, i just started to brainstorm other ideas for a seal. Just messing around even though it was thought that it would be too bulky, i attached the rubber pipe reducer to the end of the corecontrol part with a pvc reducer. After doing this it was possible to create a seal. In fact, i think its better this way because the user can just stick their hand in the unit without worrying about ripping a glove, and also the glove was quite uncomfortable.

Last it was time to think about where i would test the newly completed corecontrol device. I wasnt able to test out my corecontrol in the gym that i usually go to because it was against the rules to do such a thing. So i went to a more private gym, with different equipment. Since there was different equipment i had to test out myself without the corecontrol first to see what type of results i would get.

Week2 Narrative[edit]

According to the YouTube Video , i should be able to expect up to triple capacity of certain exercises (dips and pull ups), i highly doubt weight could be tripled (such as bench press) in just 6 weeks.

I ran into a little trouble trying to figure out how to make the corecontrol air tight usinng the latex glove. This site offered some information on how to make it more airtight.

Also i revisited the indestructible site and it stated 'Get the smallest size you can find because we want to have a tight fit around the forearm', my large sized glove that i tried to use was probably a big part in the failure of making a seal

I attempted to Modify My Glove by first cutting out a part where the bottom part of the palm is. This was done to to make it easier to keep the glove airtight. When i attached the glove and tried to create the vacuum with the brake bleeder pump it was hard to achieve an airtight seal.

I then cut part of the glove off just below the where i first cut for the palm hoping that i would be able to create a seal this way. It didnt work either.

Next i attached black rubber pvc pipe reducer and it was easy to create a seal that way just by inserting my arm directly in.

The last thing i did was my first run in the gym without the corecontrol. I did shoulder press,

first set 10 reps 65 pounds, second set 10 reps 75 pounds, third set for 7 reps at 95 pounds.

Next i did Lateral PullDowns,

First set 10 reps at 105, second set 10 reps at 115, third set 4 reps at 140.

Lastly i did Leg extensions,

First set 10 reps 45 pounds, second set 10 reps at 55 pounds, and last set was 11 reps at 85 pounds.

My Third task[edit]

My third task will be to actually test out the corecontrol and report all results to this page.

Week3 Activities[edit]

Summary of actual work over third weekend[edit]

Week3 Narrative[edit]

My Fourth task[edit]

Week4 Activities[edit]

Summary of actual work over fourth weekend[edit]

Over the final weekend of this project i updated the story, and summary on the corecontrol page.

Also before that, i tested the core control for two runs.

Since the seal of the corecontrol was finally functioning i was able to test it.

Week4 Narrative[edit]

Since the seal was now working i was able to test out the completed corecontrol. When testing i pumped the pressure gauge to 5hg, and poured a water of cold water in the container to be circulated through the brass tube through the glove part.

First day working out with corecontrol:

Shoulder press: 10 reps 65 lbs 10 reps 75 lbs 7 reps 95 lbs

Lat pull downs: 10 reps 105 lbs 10 reps 115 lbs 4 reps 140 lbs

Leg extensions: 10 reps 45 lbs 10 reps 55 lbs 11 reps 85 lbs

I then waited 3 more days and did the same workout with the corecontrol.

Shoulder press: 10 reps 65 lbs 10 reps 75 lbs 12 reps 115 lbs

Lat pull downs: 10 reps 105 lbs 10 reps 115 lbs 7 reps 140 lbs

Leg extensions: 10 reps 45 lbs 10 reps 55 lbs 17 reps 85 lbs

The results were quite surprising. It is not clear wether it was because of the core control doing its job or my body doing its job and making my muscles stronger over time. This experiment could be better conducted with a mass quantity of test subjects over a much longer period.

Nonetheless, this was a good start, you do kind of get a therapeutic cooling feeling when using the corecontrol. The water that i poured into the water container on the unit wasnt very cold, and i could easily keep my hand in it for an extended period of time. In contrast, when i pumped it through the unit with the seal on it definitely felt colder, which is why i knew it was working correctly. The suction at first felt sort of funny and i definitely felt the blood in my body being pumped into my hand. Each time after i used the device and pulled my arm out it was red, which kind of is more evidence that blood was being pumped into my hand.

Complete Project Page[edit]